Top 5 Tea Mocktails for Summer

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It’s officially summer. And we hear you’re SO ready to make the most of every moment. As long as you have a refreshing teatini by your side, there’s really nothing you can’t do. Got a hot date? Heading to the beach? Family get-together? Our tea mocktails are the ultimate sidekick.

What’s on the agenda this summer? Everything.

Beach bound:
Soak up the sun oceanside with the closest thing to a juicy Georgia peach. We’re talking Just Peachy, our peachiest tea ever packed with only the ripest peaches around. Turn it into your next favourite iced tea mocktail by blending it with frozen strawberries, a splash of soda water and a ton of ice. Trust us, every sip is a real peach.

Sunset date:
It’s date night and you’re looking for a virgin drink to sip the night away. Enter Sparkling Sangria. With exotic papaya, rich mango and tangy pineapple, this sweet and tropical blend will have you feeling the love. Add raspberries and soda water into the mix and you’ve got yourself a must-sip tea mocktail. Psst! If you prefer an alcoholic iced tea drink, check out our cocktail recipe here where we swap out the soda water for some bubbly Prosecco.

Happy hour:
Long day at work? We know the feeling. Kick back and relax with Raspberry Mojito, a fruity, minty and utterly delicious herbal tea. Did we mention it makes for the perfect virgin cocktail when you combine it with mint leaves, lime and soda water? Go ahead, get your drink on.

Backyard BBQ:
Just call Frozen Raspberry the berry delicious side to any backyard gathering with the family. Caffeine-free and great for the kids, this fruity pink tea brings you the taste of summer raspberries at their peak, with a delicious hint of yogurt creaminess. Refresh yourself with an easy mocktail recipe that only needs fresh raspberries and sparkling lemonade. Plus, the little ones are sure to love it!

WFH pick-me-up:
Working the day away and need a lil’ refreshment to keep you going? Sip on Green Passionfruit. With sweet pineapple, pretty flower petals and a big hit of tangy passion fruit essence, this juicy and caffeinated green tea is a delicious way to pick you up when you’re running on low battery. Sip it the iced tea mocktail way by calling on a few orange slices, grenadine and loads of ice.

Ahhh so many memories just waiting to happen. After all, it’s summer. You’ve got to sip a little. And these mocktails are a great way to start. Now get to steepin’, mixin’ and sippin’. Cheers!

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