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No hot water? Lucky you—now’s your chance to brew mouth-watering cold-steeping tea. DAVIDsTEA was the first specialty tea retailer to bring you a line of deliciously innovative Cold Brew Teas that thrive when steeped in cold water.

While most cold brews on the market take over 8 hours to infuse, ours are some of the quickest around! Instead of our previous 1.5 hour infusion time, our new Cold Brew Teas only take 10 minutes! Yes, you read that right!

What are the benefits of cold brew tea?

Our Cold Brew Teas are all about taste, delivering maximum flavour with zero bitterness. That’s because cold water extracts compounds in different ratios than hot water—and the result is a balanced cup that’s lively, smooth and bursting with flavour.

Can you steep them in hot water? Yes! Just remember these teas were specially developed for quick cold brewing so the flavour is extracted super fast. If you steep in hot water, make sure you cut back on steeping time.

What makes cold brew tea different from iced tea?

The biggest difference is how they’re steeped. Iced tea is made by steeping in hot water, then pouring the hot tea over ice. Cold brew is made by steeping the tea in room temperature or cold water for a lengthier period until all the delicious flavour is extracted.

Since there’s no need to use hot water, electricity or ice to brew these teas, they’re perfect for summer park outings, beach days and camping trips. Not to mention they’re also an eco-friendly choice! Since they’re designed to be steeped in cold water, you’re basically skipping the step of heating your water and using power. Ah, innovation!

And for the first time ever, our Cold Brews are available in loose leaf tea AND tea bags!


Strawberry Kiwi  — Green Tea, Low Caffeine

Sweet strawberry with a kiwi crush. Relive your most treasured summer memories with this green tea dripping in ripe strawberries and tart kiwi juice. All flavour, no bitterness. That’s cold brew, baby!

Classic Lemon  — Black Tea, Low Caffeine

Lemon black tea is a classic for a reason—like your perfect pair of jean shorts, they never go out of style. Taste a perfect blend of sweet & crisp lemon that feels like a welcomed summer breeze on a hot and sunny day.

Peach Passionfruit  — Herbal Tea, Caffeine-free

Your summer pool parties will never be the same. Kick things up a notch with this caffeine-free cold brew bursting with juicy peach nectar and tropical passion fruit. Sip it all day… or all night.


Steep our Cold Brew Teas in cold water for vibrantly delicious flavour with no bitterness—all in just 10 minutes!

1) Loose leaf teas

Choose your favourite 16 oz mug, add 1-2 Perfect Spoons, then fill with cold water and let steep for 10 minutes.

2) Sachets & tea bags

Grab your favourite vessel, add one sachet, then fill with 12 oz of cold water and let steep for 10 minutes.

Psst! Our Cold Brews are designed to infuse in cold water. That means no ice needed! And with our 28 oz Cold Brew Bottle, you can steep wherever and whenever. Just steep and sip, or store in your fridge to maintain that icy cool freshness.

Summer is back and we can’t wait to steep some serious refreshment. Which of our Cold Brew Teas are you most excited to try?


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