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Happy Pride month, tea fam!

For the fourth year in a row, we’re celebrating Pride at DAVIDsTEA by partnering with the It Gets Better Project, a non-profit organization that aims to uplift, empower and connect LGBTQ+ youth around the world. They envision a world where all LGBTQ+ youth are free to live equally and recognize their worthiness and power as individuals. With our ongoing commitment to people positivitea, we couldn’t be prouder to support their mission!

With every purchase of Very Cherry, we’re donating 10% of proceeds to help support their educational and community-building initiatives. This is how we sip with pride at DAVIDsTEA—all tea, no shade.

Very Cherry
Green Tea – Low Caffeine

A lively and in-your-face wave of red cherry & hibiscus with a touch of feel-good moringa leaf & green tea. What makes it very cherry? So, the first note is really fun and playful. And then, it’s layered with a mildly sour cherry. After that, it’s got a summer ripe cherry taste and finishes off with a punchier sour kick.

In celebration of Pride month we partnered with Kaitlyn Stewart (she/her), @likeablecocktails, who chose the “Pick of the Month” tea.
“I am obsessed with DAVIDsTEA’s Very Cherry! I love that it’s lightly caffeinated for when I need that afternoon boost, and the delicious cherry flavour is so refreshing and tastes amazing mixed in a cocktail!” —Kaitlyn Stewart, @likeablecocktails

DAVIDsTEA Supporting Pride
If there’s anything we love more than tea, it’s actually connecting with our community. That includes you, tea lover! In addition to our partnerships and donations, we’ve also participated in Pride Parades and other events to support the LGBTQIA2S+ community. We invite you to help us support the It Gets Better Project by sipping Very Cherry! DAVIDsTEA will make a donation with 10% of the proceeds.

Diversity & Inclusion at DAVIDsTEA
If you’ve ever tried some of our teas, you might know that at DAVIDsTEA we that we love variety. This stretches far beyond our search for special ingredients and interesting tea blends. It’s rooted deeply in the core values that guide us as a company. We embrace people’s differences and celebrate unique perspectives, always.

“People Positivitea is one of our guiding principles, here are some of the ways we implement it in our teams and communities:

  • Build a diverse, inclusive and supportive company culture
  • Offer welcoming customer service experiences
  • Promote community-building in the tea industry and beyond

PRIDE from the DAVIDsTEA team:
Even though sometimes our family can’t understand us on certain levels, I’ve realized having supportive friends and co-workers around me makes me feel just as comfortable to openly express myself & my bi-sexuality. Having a support system so open to loving me no matter what gender I love has made me realize I don’t have to settle or apologize for being who I am. Doing your best not to be afraid to be yourself is the strongest, most freeing thing you can do, and it really does get BETTER ❤️
–Alexis, Assistant Store Manager (she / they)

DAVIDsTEA is committed to supporting our community and wants to ensure it isn’t just a trend, but a way to practice what we preach. Enter our Diversity & Inclusion committee, made up of individuals from many departments and walks of life. The committee works year-round to support, educate and train our internal community, uphold our mission statement, and implement change.

Some of our diversity and inclusion efforts at DAVIDsTEA include:

  • Internal communications about important events and holidays
  • Internal training courses addressing diversity, inclusion and related topics
  • Efforts to create a more inclusive and welcoming environment, both in our corporate office and on our website, such as adding pronouns to email signatures while also removing gendered language from products and website content
  • Uplifting voices in marginalized communities when possible (Check out our Black History Month and Asian Heritage Month blogs & our International Women’s Day highlight on Instagram!)
  • Annual Giving Week donations to various environmental and ethical organizations that affect our industry and communities

DAVIDsTEA x It Gets Better Project
2019 – Launched our partnership with It Gets Better Project: donated 10% of proceeds from new blend Rainbow Lemonade. An exciting first “tea with purpose” campaign for DAVIDsTEA!

2020 – Giving Week – donated 10% of proceeds from Pride Collection (featuring Tie-Dye Butterfly tea & assorted hard goods).

2021 – Pride Month donation of 10% of proceeds from Rainbow Collection.

2022 – Pride Month donation of 10% of proceeds from Very Cherry tea.

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