11 Asian-Owned Tea Companies We Love

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At DAVIDsTEA, we love building meaningful relationships and spreading positivitea every chance we get. So, in honour of Asian & Pacific Islander (API) Heritage month, we’re putting the spotlight on some of our amazing friends in the communitea. These are 11 Asian-Owned Tea Companies we love and our team’s favourite tea picks!

*Some blends may be discontinued or out of stock. We encourage you to check out their other products and discover new tea blends to love!

Dessert by Deb
Tea blends to discover:
Matcha Cream Puff
Thai Banana Cake
Blueberry Lavender Angel Food Cake

Soocha Tea
Tea blends to discover:
Yuja Balhyocha

Paru Tea Bar
Tea blends to discover:
Okinawa Sugar
Pandan Waffle
Honey Orchid Oolong Coins

West China Tea
Tea blends to discover:
Jade Tieguanyin
Guan Guan Cha
Black Phoenix

Alaya Tea
Tea blends to discover:
Darjeeling Green

Three Gems Tea
Tea blends to discover:
Lightning Strike Oolong
Bamboo Peak Milk Oolong

Us Two Tea
Tea blends to discover:

Pillow Talk
Manhattan Black

Tea Thoughts
Tea accessories to discover:
Tea Pot Tote Bag
“For Tea Time” Collection

Tea blends to discover:
Blueberry Breakfast
Maple Chai Latte Powder

Volition Tea
Tea blends to discover:
Colourful Peony
Red Jade

The Qi
Tea blends to discover:

Blue Lotus Tea
Shangri-La Rose Tea

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