Tea 101: How to Steep Loose Leaf Iced Tea

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Iced tea is probably the most refreshing drink on the planet. We know it’s a steep claim to make, but have you ever sipped on a tall glass of iced tea during a heat wave? So teariffic! It’s also super quick and easy to make. Follow along to learn how to steep our loose leaf iced tea like a pro!

Step 1: Choose your flavour

We know everyone’s got their own taste. That’s why we’ve got a ton of loose tea flavour profiles to choose from, including berry, tropical, floral, citrus, and sweet and nostalgic.

Can’t decide? Taste something tried and true like our best-selling loose leaf iced teas, available in pre-portioned pitcher packs, tea-filled tins, bulk bags and more!

Step 2: Choose your vessel

Tea 101: How to Steep Loose Leaf Iced TeaThe Steeper:
Featured in WIRED, this classic steeper is the neatest way to steep your loose tea. Not only does it have lots of room for tea leaves to unfurl, but it also has a specially designed filtration system that pours easily over any mug or cup. Cool, huh?

The Iced Tea Press:
The ultimate tool to prep iced tea real quick. No, seriously. All you need is your tea, some ice and your press. You can think about the rest later. Don’t believe us? Let WELL+GOOD convince you.

The Iced Tea Pitcher:
Family get-together? Backyard BBQ with friends? This 2L pitcher is big enough to cool off crowds. Plus, it has a built-in mesh infuser that’s super easy to use.

Step 3: Measure your tea

When we make a single cup of hot tea, we recommend using 1 Perfect Spoon. But with our loose leaf iced tea, we recommend using twice as much tea and half as much water. Why’s that? Well, your drink will become more diluted as the ice melts, so doubling the loose tea will ensure your drink stays full-flavoured and aromatic, not watery and bland. We definitely don’t want that.

Step 4: Steep in hot water

Trust us. When it comes to loose leaf iced teas, you’re going to want to use hot water. Steep in half the amount of water you would use for regular hot tea. This will create a concentrate so that the flavour doesn’t dilute too much when you pour it over ice. Remember, different loose teas steep best at different temperatures, so be sure to follow the steep time instructions for your tea.

Step 5: Pour over ice

Once your tea is finished steeping, fill your glass with ice. Don’t be shy! Since your tea is steeping in hot water, you’ll need plenty of ice to cool it down.

Psst! If you aren’t looking for instant iced tea, you can also prepare your tea at regular strength. Once it’s done steeping for the recommended time, remove the tea leaves from the water, and then place your mug in the fridge to cool down. Voila, the perfect cup!

Step 6: Make it your way

Tea 101: How to Steep Loose Leaf Iced TeaThere are soooo many reasons why tea is fun! One of which is the fact that you can totally personalize it to your tastes and sip it any way you want. Fan of fruits? Plop some in! Love the taste and scent of fresh herbs? Sprinkle, sprinkle! Got a sweet tooth? Give it some sugar by adding in your fave sweetener! Like it smooth? Add your milk of choice! The list goes on and on and on…


And if you’re craving something more decadent, check out how to make an iced tea latte.  

Remember to have fun and stay hydrated!


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