DAVIDsTEA x BetterSleep: How to Focus, Relax & Sleep Better

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Always tense. Thoughts spiraling. Tossing and turning, then tossing and turning some more. With every waking minute, you slowly but surely lose hope that you’ll find even a shred of shuteye before the mind-numbing sound of your alarm going off.

Safe to say you have a complicated relationship with relaxation and sleep, and so do we. Just like you, we’re people leading busy lives with overwhelming responsibility and what seems like little to no opportunity to press pause on any of it. But it’s so important to understand how much of an impact these struggles really have on our physical and mental health and to do whatever we can to fix those problems.

We partnered with the experts in chill at BetterSleep to bring you little moments of peace throughout your day.

Sip back and relax with DAVIDsTEA x BetterSleep

We’ve paired specially curated teas with guided meditations, bedtime stories and soothing playlists to help you focus, relax and sleep better.

  1. Focus

Good morning, sunshine
Up your concentration with a memory-friendly tea blend and guided meditation.
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  1. Relax

Take it e-a-s-y
Brew a cup of an oh-so-soothing blend and listen to relaxing sounds, guided meditations and bedtime stories to help you unwind and decompress at any moment of your day.
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  1. Sleep

Sweet dreams, xoxo
Turn restlessness into restful ZZZs with a calming cup of herbal tea and the soothing sounds of a playlist and bedtime story.
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