Hangover teas

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We’re not here to judge, but we couldn’t help but notice you rolled into work/brunch/important meeting looking a little worse for wear. We know, because we’ve all be there.

But there’s one – okay five – things that set us apart. Hangover teas. You read correctly. Teas that can soothe the fog of a hangover. These brews are your morning-after go-to. The thing you should sip before you even consider properly “waking up.”

Not only will these hangover teas help clear your head, they will also get you out of bed. (Unless, of course, you’ve got some nifty tea making station within arm’s reach of your bed, in which case, well done.) 

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you, so to help you navigate this world of solutions, we’ve assigned each tea a level of “alertness,” so you know just what you need to get you through the day.


The furthest you’re going is your couch.

Reach for: Organic Cinnamon Rooibos Chai

Just because your plans include re-watching both seasons of Fleabag doesn’t mean you have to feel like one. A little fresh breath can go a long way to making you feel a little more alive. And nothing freshens your breath quite like sweet and warming cinnamon.


The only thing on your agenda is brunch.

Reach for: Organic Super Ginger

What you’re craving right now is some grease (and maybe just one mimosa) but first, let’s banish that queasy feeling with soothing ginger. One cup of this tea should help quell your tummy and make the rest of your day go a little smoother.


You need to form coherent sentences.

Reach forWild Grown Rooibos

All a hangover really means is that you’re dehydrated. Get your balance back with a mug or three of this super hydrating caffeine-free infusion to help refresh and replenish.


Meeting the in-laws for the first time.

Reach for: Organic David’s Detox

When you need to start from zero, this organic green tea helps to reboot your system thanks to the tummy-soothing ginger, purifying dandelion root, and super ingredients ginkgo & spirulina. It is the quickest way to get you back on your feet and ready for some serious action.


When you need to be on your A Game.

Reach for: Headache Halo

A couple of after-work drinks turned into a 2 a.m. karaoke session. Luckily for you, your adrenaline should kick in and help you pull through till you can actually collapse. But Headache Halo can help you manage that pounding behind your eyes. The soothing willow bark, comforting passionflower and relaxing lavender are like giving your exhausted brain a much-needed hug.



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