But First – Coffee Iced Tea!

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Why can’t coffee and tea be friends? We think they can! Actually, we know it. In our Coffee Iced Teas, we brought together two of the world’s most popular drinks to create delicious blends that are iceable, latte-friendly and energizing.

Star Ingredient: Coffee!

Wake up and smell the coffee beans with rich and robustly flavoured blends like Organic Espresso Yourself and Mocha Chai. On a black tea base and including whole coffee beans, these blends are made to please the “don’t talk to me before my coffee” crowd.

For the Sustainable Sipper

Looking for blends that feel just as good as they taste? Our tea experts went beyond the bean to include coffee leaf in our blends. This super ingredient is naturally sweet, gently energizing and contains antioxidants and metabolism-boosting benefits. If that’s not enticing enough, check this out! Coffee leaf also helps support sustainability in the coffee industry, by providing a steady income flow for coffee workers in Central America, who normally only have an income for three months of the year (when the beans are harvested). Find coffee leaf in Oat Milk Latte, a creamy and sweet roasted maté blend featuring chicory root and smooth oat milk notes.

Teas with a (Coffee) Twist

But First – Coffee Iced Tea! DAVIDsTEA

Let us introduce the blends that satisfy both coffee and tea cravings. Drink them straight or dress them up with milk and ice for a luscious iced tea latte. Relax with a big mug or steep on the go with our Iced Tea Press.

Mocha Chai
Black tea – Medium caffeine
From hot dark chocolate to rich roasted coffee – this warming & Elephant Approved® tea has a unique chocolate-forward flavour with a chai twist.

Oat Milk Latte
Maté – Low caffeine
From sweet, rich oats to a roasted coffee flavour, power up your day with this all-in-one latte featuring creamy oat milk notes, maté and chicory root.

Vanilla Cappuccino
Black tea – Low caffeine

Want the sweet and creamy flavour of a French vanilla iced capp without the sugar crash? Try this full-bodied black tea laced with coffee beans.

Organic Espresso Yourself
Black tea – High caffeine

It doesn’t get more satisfying than this rich, java-inspired blend of black tea, roasted chicory, cinnamon and coffee beans.

Next time you need a jolt of energy or a comforting cup of joe, reach for any of our coffee teas and brew up a cup that’s the best of both worlds. Happy sipping!

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