Sachets, s’il vous plait! A guide to sachets

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We (obviously) love to make time for tea. Preparing loose leaf can be a grounding ritual and calming moment in the day. Sometimes, though, you need a quick cuppa or something on the go. Enter DAVIDsTEA Sachets. Move over tea bags – our tea sachets are simply parfait!

We keep ready-to-steep tea sachets in our office desks, backpacks and purses, and stash extras in the pantry for last-minute guests. We swear by them for traveling! Plus, our tea gift packs and kits make thoughtful presents, available in plenty of crowd-pleasing varieties. Need we say more?

Anatomy of a Sachet

DAVIDsTEA sachets are no ordinary tea bag. Ultra portable, super giftable, eco-conscious and containing the same premium tea blends you know and love, our tea sachets are no cliché.

-Made with plant-based and biodegradable materials
-Made with premium ingredients that aren’t squeezed into small tea bags
-Roomy so tea leaves can unfurl and mingle
-100% unbleached cotton string that is fused or hand-stitched, meaning no glue or staple!

Sachets are made to steep in a 12 oz cup or Mini Tumbler. To steep just right, follow these handy guidelines:

-Nordic Mug: 1-2 sachets
-Tumbler (20 oz): 2 sachets
-Lock top travel mug (14 oz): 1 sachets

For iced tea, steep 2 tea sachets and then add ice. For a tea latte, steep 3-4 sachets and then add milk.
Ta-daa! A rich and flavourful cup every time.

Sachets This Way!

Ready to steep? DAVIDsTEA has a tea sachet for every craving. We’ve got a rainbow of flavours, caffeine levels and organic options. Plus, many of our sachets come in giftable boxes.

David’s Top Teas Sachet Wheel
Giftable box with 12 teas and infusions in 36 ready-to-steep sachets
Great for sharing and gifting!

Discover a new favourite with this crowd-pleasing assortment. From traditional teas and relaxing herbal infusions to fresh and fruity blends, it’s got a tea sachet for every mug.

Fresh & Fruity Variety Pack
Variety pack of 20 ready-to-steep sachets
A refreshing assortment for hot or iced teas!

Discover five of our most popular fruity blends with this refreshing variety pack. From ripe raspberry to tropical passion fruit, each tea sachet is an explosion of fruity flavour.

Valerian Nights Sachets
Pack of 15 ready-to-steep sachets (on sale, 3 boxes for $25!)
Note to self: Keep on hand for cozy evenings.

Throw yourself a slumber party with this scrumptious bedtime treat. Oozing with rich caramel and coconut, it’s one nightcap you’ll look forward to all day.

Organic Cream of Earl Grey Sachets
Bag of 75 ready-to-steep sachets
Take your tea wherever you go!

Lovers of Earl Grey tea adore this creamy alternative to the original breakfast blend. With your tea of choice in bulk you get more tea and less waste. Plus, the bag is recyclable.

Sachets Adjacent

Psstt! Looking for individual portions of matcha? Try DAVIDsTEA Matcha Single Serves – perfectly pre-portioned for matcha on the go. If you prefer to pack your own tea bags, we have you covered with DAVIDsTEA Filters. Just scoop in your tea, pull the drawstring tight, add water and dispose when you’re done. No fuss, no muss. Plus they’re made of hemp, they’re biodegradable and chlorine-free, and they come in a 100% recycled paper box – so the planet stays happy, too.

Our sachets are no cliché – they’re convenient and make cleaning up easy. What are you waiting for? Grab a sachet and go!



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