Coffee leaf: The new sustainable super ingredient we can’t get enough of

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What if we told you that the latest innovative ingredient to find its way into our tea is – gasp – coffee? That’s right, we’ve incorporated coffee leaf into our new limited edition Superfood Splash tea, and the results are tea-rrific. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

This tropical hibiscus infusion is guaranteed to please tea fans and coffee lovers alike, thanks to its mouthwatering combo of cinnamon, creamy coconut and, of course, energizing coffee leaf. Coffee leaf is deliciously smooth, naturally sweet and, unlike its traditional counterpart, has no bitter aftertaste. Another reason to love it? Sustainability. Find out how coffee leaf made it into our newest blend and how this up-and-coming super ingredient is changing the tea and coffee industries one cup at a time.

Turning coffee into tea

Tea made from coffee? Yep, you read that right. It may sound crazy, but it tastes delicious. The difference comes from the way the ingredient is processed. Coffee is made using the fruit of the plant (aka the bean), while tea uses only the leaves. Once harvested, the coffee leaves are processed in a way similar to an oolong tea. The result? A smooth and subtle flavour we can’t get enough of. And no, it doesn’t taste anything like your parent’s 24/7 drip coffee.

Why we love coffee leaf

Coffee leaf: The new sustainable super ingredient we can’t get enough of

Not only does coffee leaf taste great – refreshing with an earthy sweetness – it’s also bursting with natural health benefits. It’s low in caffeine, high in antioxidants and helps boost your metabolism. Plus it’s totally transforming the tea and coffee industry since harvesting and processing coffee leaf tea changes the lives of the coffee plantation workers for the better.

Tea that makes a difference

Coffee leaf: The new sustainable super ingredient we can’t get enough of

By using the leaf of the plant, we’re not only making a healthy, delicious drink, we’re creating stability. Coffee beans are harvested 3 to 4 months out of the year, which means workers are unemployed for the rest of the year. To support their families in the off-season, they often migrate to other cities or even countries, making it difficult for children to stay in school. The leaves of the coffee plant, however, are harvested nine months out of the year and processed on-site, providing the workers with a steady income while allowing them to develop news skills. How amazing is that?

From the mountains to your cup

Coffee leaf: The new sustainable super ingredient we can’t get enough of

Our coffee leaf tea comes straight from the Finca La Aurora estate in Nicaragua. Located in the mountains, and surrounded by a lush cloud forest, it’s here that the tea is harvested and processed. In addition to year-round work, Finca La Aurora provides farm workers with a school, a daycare, a community centre and a playground. Simple things that make working and living just a little bit easier.

Giving back to the community

Coffee leaf: The new sustainable super ingredient we can’t get enough of

When we realized just how much positive change could come from transforming the way we use coffee plants, we were hooked. By including this single ingredient in our tea, we’re enabling workers of all kinds to have a better quality of life. Workers like Anabel, a mother and coffee leaf harvester whose full-time position allows her to give her children a level of education she never had.

“I have two kids and the leaf harvest helps us feed them and keep them in school year-round,” said Anabel. “I left school at 10 and regret it now, so I want my kids to stay in school and graduate.”

A healthy tea that incorporates coffee AND helps the workers build better lives? Put the kettle on! A mug of Superfood Splash will have you feeling super both inside and out. The tea is only available for a limited time, but the good vibes will last much longer.

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