Back to Our Roots: Organic Teas

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Organic. It’s a label that we see on everything from lemons to cotton to tea, but what it is and why you should consider choosing an organic product aren’t always clear. Luckily, we’re here to make it super simple.

Tea has deep roots, literally. Leaves are plucked from branches, sorted, dried and steeped in your cup. The fewer synthetics it comes into contact with, the better.

At DAVIDsTEA, we’re dedicated to the origin and quality of our product. As obsessive tea lovers, we work with farms all over the world to ensure that every blend is the best of the best. Organic teas have always been a part of our ethos–we offer one of the largest collections of organic teas in North America with over 35 teas and counting.

What does organic mean?

When a product is labelled “organic,” it means at least 95% of the ingredients come from an organic- certified farm.

Organic farms follow specific and strictly regulated growing processes, which extend to how the ingredient is handled, processed, stored & sold. At DAVIDsTEA, we work closely with both Ecocert Canada and our vendors to ensure our organic teas adhere to a strict set of standards.

In fact, any produce on the market with an organic certification has to be evaluated before it can receive such certification. Just because a farm has implemented organic eco-friendly farming practices, doesn’t mean certification is automatic – it’s a long process with many rigorous steps.

Why is organic a good thing?

Going organic is a great way to support our planet. By choosing to buy organic (no matter the product), you’re making a positive impact on the ecosystem.

You’re also supporting farmers who’ve made the transition to support organic certification and encourage others to do the same. Our Organics Collection is one way to help support these farmers.

How come your entire collection isn’t organic?

We’re constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to expand our organic collection– sometimes we’ll even update an existing blend with organic ingredients. Regardless of a tea’s certification, it’s important to note that every ingredient we source comes from reputable growers we trust. At the end of the day, when you put DAVIDsTEA in your mug, you’re sipping a high- quality blend.



Grown in the renowned Jun Chiyabari tea garden, it has a rich, sweet, honey-like flavour and is one of our favourite black teas. Located in the Highlands of Nepal, this organic family-owned garden was founded by two brothers who were inspired by childhood memories of their school in Darjeeling, India, which was surrounded by lush tea gardens.

Innovative and progressive, the founders believe strongly in community, sustainability and empowering women. They’ve pioneered community programs that benefit both employees and the community in which they are located. The tea garden has also helped to advance women’s rights in the region by giving them supervisory and managerial roles in the business.


Our signature breakfast tea. The perfect balance of flavour, subtle sweetness and astringency to hold up to the milk. A carefully crafted blend of organic black honey-sweet Sri Lankan tea and rich tea from Assam, India. Our team was lucky enough to visit the Sri Lankan gardens, where we sourced the leaves.


One of the first teas we ever twisted into a DAVIDsTEA original, this is a classic example of how we break the rules & win. Think of a traditional classic Earl Grey, and then add a touch of vanilla. You might even say it tastes like a London Fog: creamy with the alluring aroma of aromatic bergamot & no dairy.



This fresh, easy-drinking green tea is grown in a family-owned organic tea garden in China’s Dahong and Tongbai Mountains. Founded 20 years ago by the son of tea shop owners, the tea garden was started to help to protect the old handcrafting tea practices of Suizhou. The founder’s love for tea and life-long experience means every blend is special.


This was our first blended unflavoured tea. It launched the year we first opened our doors, and it’s still a star in our collection. Inspired by the traditional green tea & mint combination ubiquitous in North Africa, we incorporated different organic ingredients like aromatic cardamom & sweet licorice.



We’re lucky to have gotten our hands on this rare and unique oolong from Thailand. Made from the Jin Shuan cultivar, prized for its luxuriously creamy notes, this tea is grown in the Chiang Rai Province in Northern Thailand, surrounded by lush forests.

The cultivar for this tea originated in Taiwan (which is still a significant producer) and is the original Milk Oolong known for its creamy and milky notes.


An earthy blend of organic pu’erh and roasted oolong. Full-bodied and citrusy, it’s packed with organic ingredients like ginger, orange peel and eleuthero root.


This tea is like a chest rub in a cup. We combined high-quality organic ingredients like cooling peppermint and nose tingling eucalyptus, bright citrus & cleansing juniper for an ultra-comforting blend.

We’re honoured to offer one of the largest organic tea collections in North America. We’d love all of our teas to receive certification, but ultimately our goal as a tea company is to support our family of eco-friendly growers as best we can –whether their farms are officially certified, almost certified or none of the above. For us, quality is everything.


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