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No hot water? Lucky you – now’s your chance to brew mouthwatering cold-steeping tea. DAVIDsTEA was the first specialty tea retailer to bring you a line of deliciously innovative Cold Brew Teas that thrive when steeped in cold water.

Our cold-steeping teas are one of the quickest cold brews around. Make a pitcher at home in just 1.5 hours at room temperature or 2 hours in the fridge. No kettle required! For best flavour, Cold Brew teas should be consumed right away, but they’ll stay fresh in your fridge for 3 days.

What are the benefits of Cold Brew?

Our Cold Brew teas are all about taste, delivering maximum flavour with zero bitterness. That’s because cold water extracts compounds in different ratios than hot water – and the result is a balanced cup that’s lively, smooth and bursting with flavour.

Can you steep them in hot water? Absolutely! Just remember these teas were specially developed for quick cold brewing so the flavour is extracted super-fast. If you steep in hot water, make sure you cut back on steeping time.

What makes Cold Brew tea different from iced tea?

The biggest difference is how they’re steeped. Iced tea is made by steeping the leaves in hot water, then pouring the hot tea over ice. Cold Brew is made by steeping the tea in room temperature or cold water until all the delicious flavour is extracted – usually for a longer period. Now we have two ways to stay seriously cool all season long.

Since there’s no need to use hot water or electricity to brew these teas, they’re perfect for summer park outings, beach days and camping trips. Cold Brew is also an eco-friendly choice, since you are not using power.

*These loose leaf teas come packed in a giftable resealable tin, so they stay fresher longer.


Southern Peach — Green tea, low caffeine

Craving some southern hospitality? Brew this peachy green tea in cold water for maximum flavour with no bitterness.

Blueberry Breeze — Fruit infusion, caffeine-free

A wave of sweet & fruity blueberries with tart hibiscus and hydrating moringa leaf.

Mango Sunrise — Black tea, high caffeine

Bursting with ripe, juicy mango, this sweet and tart black tea was specially designed for cold brewing – making it our new favourite mango iced tea.


Steep our Cold Brew teas in cold water for crazy delicious flavour with no bitterness – all in just two hours.

1) Add 6 Perfect Spoons Cold Brew tea to a Perfect Pitcher.

2) Fill with 2L of cold water and steep in fridge for 2 hours or at room temperature for 1.5 hours.

3) Strain, serve over ice and enjoy.

Summer is back and we can’t wait to steep up some serious refreshment. Which of our Cold Brew blends are you most excited to try?



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