Tea 101: What is Matcha?

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People are going crazy for matcha. We get it – it’s energizing, detoxifying and makes a killer green tea latte. So how is it different from regular green tea? Matcha powder is made from finely ground green tea leaves – so with every sip, you’re consuming all the benefits of the full leaf. It’s surprisingly fast and easy to make at home. And from matcha powder-boosted teas to sophisticated Ceremonial, there’s a matcha for literally everyone. Don’t believe us? Keep scrolling, baby.

Benefits of matcha

Ever tried a green tea latte? Then you’re already a matcha fan. This superstar green tea powder is popular for lots of reasons – think fresh flavour, energizing kick and bigtime benefits for your mind, body and mood. Because you’re ingesting the entire leaf, you get every last nutrient and antioxidant green tea has to offer. And matcha is super versatile. We especially love it on its own, as a green tea latte, added to cakes and smoothies and sipped as a fresh and fruity iced matcha. Whether you like yours sweet or neat, matcha is one trendy superfood everyone can get behind.

The story of matcha

Matcha is just now becoming popular in North America, but the custom of grinding tea leaves is actually an ancient custom that originated in China – Buddhist monks brought it to Japan over a thousand of years ago. Green tea powder was traditionally prepared and sipped as part of zen tea ceremonies to aid in meditation. Turns out those monks were onto something – scientists have since discovered that green tea leaves contain large quantities of L-Theanine, a unique amino acid that promotes feelings of calm and mental alertness. Even if you’re not into the whole traditional tea ceremony, we love the satisfying ritual of making our own matcha and savouring every sip – it’s like a delicious exercise in mindfulness.

What does matcha taste like?

Depending on its grade, matcha green tea can range in taste from grassy to sweet to creamy, with textures that are smooth or even crisp. This table will help highlight the different flavour characteristics.

Depending on its grade, matcha green tea can range in taste from grassy to sweet to creamy, with textures that are smooth or even crisp. This table will help highlight the different flavour characteristics.

How much caffeine is in matcha?

One of the reasons we love matcha so much is because of its high caffeine content. Our matchas contain 20-40 mg of caffeine per 8 oz cup. To put things into perspective, black tea contains between 19-100 mg and coffee around 140 mg. What’s more, tea powder is known for providing a sustainable boost so you don’t get that post-caffeine crash. If you’re on the hunt for a coffee substitute, try fueling up on a mugful of frothy matcha.

Need to power up fast? Grab your fave green tea powder and make yourself a matcha shot. This super concentrated, vibrant-green shooter is a quick and delicious way to get a concentrated dose of energy. You can thank us later *wink*.

Find the matcha that’s right for you

All of our matcha is sourced from Nishio, Japan – the region known for producing one of the world’s finest matcha for the past 800 years. It’s a labour of love that starts with shading tea plants for up to four weeks (our matcha’s are shaded 2-4 weeks, depending on the weather) before plucking, which increases chlorophyll and gives the tea leaves a vibrant green colour. The leaves are then steamed, dried, deveined and carefully stone-ground to a fine powder – ready to be whisked into hot water and enjoyed.

And because we believe there’s a matcha for everyone, we offer a range of grades and flavours, from sweet Vanilla Matcha to fruity Peach Matcha to ultra-premium Ceremonial Matcha, the exquisitely creamy version used in traditional tea ceremonies. Our flavoured matchas are made with a sweet base of cane sugar or coconut nectar – perfect for green tea lattes with a little burst of flavour. Discover our wide range below and find the matcha that’s right for you.


Ceremonial Matcha

Calling all matcha lovers! This high-grade stone-ground green tea is our creamiest, sweetest, most delicate matcha yet. It whisks into a bright emerald, smooth-drinking tea fit for an emperor.

Grand Cru Matcha

This bright green, extra-fine matcha is one of the highest grades available, and it’s an absolute labour of love. Delicately smooth and velvety, its flavour is totally sublime.

Matcha Matsu

This fresh, grassy tea has all the aroma of a Japanese tea garden – plus it can hold its own when mixed into lattes, milkshakes, cookies and more. A real classic!


Peach Matcha

An all-natural blend of stone-ground matcha green tea, pure cane sugar and fruity notes of peach, this matcha powder will make you totally rethink your morning smoothie. Try this fan fave as an iced matcha latte to see what we mean.

Strawberry Matcha

Combining all the mega-healthy benefits of matcha green tea with a fruity twist of strawberry, you’re gonna want to add a spoonful to all your fave drinks – from strawberry milkshakes and powerhouse smoothie bowls to energizing iced lattes.


Vanilla Matcha

With a creamy hint of vanilla and the sweetness of coconut nectar, this stone-ground matcha is one of our all-time faves. Sip solo or add it to just about anything.

Maple Matcha

We gave this all-natural stone-ground matcha the Canadian treatment with a sweet drizzle of maple syrup. Delicious on its own or as a tasty tea latte.

How to make matcha tea perfectly

The secret to making a perfect cup of matcha? It all comes down three key elements: teaware, temperature and technique.

Teaware: To make matcha green tea at home, you’ll need a tea bowl , or chawan, and a bamboo whisk known as a chasen – two matcha essentials that’ll help you achieve a clump-free, smooth-drinking brew, every time.

Temperature: When it comes to water temperature, it’s important to keep it to a cool 75°C so as to not burn your matcha powder and give it a bitter taste. Cooler water temp also means your matcha will froth up to that eye-catching jade colour. Don’t have a thermometer? Let your boiled kettle sit for 4-5 minutes before using.

Technique: Preparing matcha with a traditional bamboo whisk may look daunting at first, but it’s actually really easy and fun. All you gotta do is briskly whisk your matcha and water mixture in an “M” formation until the matcha reaches a smooth consistency and there’s a foam layer on top. Pro-tip: for an extra frothy matcha, soak the tips of your whisk in warm water before using, then start whisking from the bottom of the bowl working your way up towards the surface. Repeat until you get that vibrant Insta-worthy froth.

Matcha recipes for beginners

Put your skills to the test with three matcha recipes for beginners.


How to make matcha green tea like a pro.

Step 1

Add 2 Matcha Spoons of any matcha to a bowl.

Step 2

Gradually add hot water and whisk in an M shape until frothy.

Step 3

Pour that matcha into a mug and get sipping!

*For more details and pro-tips on making the best matcha ever, check out our complete guide here.


How to make a perfect green tea latte.

Step 1

Whisk milk in a milk frother or small saucepan over medium-low heat.

Step 2

Meanwhile, whisk matcha and hot water in a bowl or shake in a Matcha Maker.

Step 3

Pour matcha into a mug, add heated milk and top with extra froth. Voila!


The best way to make matcha on the go using our easy-to-use Matcha Maker travel mug.

Step 1

Scoop in any matcha and add hot water.

Step 2

Close lid securely then shake until it’s nice and frothy (10-20 seconds).

Step 3

Press the button to release the pressure. Enjoy!

More Matcha Recipes

Need inspiration? Check out the most popular matcha recipes here.


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