Tea 101: What is herbal tea?

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Herbal teas are caffeine-free infusions made of anything from herbs and spices to fruits and nuts. Our herbal and fruit infusions are where we really let our imaginations run wild. We carry blends made with just about anything you can imagine, from familiar plants like peppermint and chamomile to exotic superfoods like goji berries, passion fruit and turmeric. Fan faves like Forever Nuts and Just Peachy are great both hot and iced, and we reach for comforting blends like Organic Mother’s Little Helper again and again.

Our inspiration comes from all over – Ayurvedic medicine, the latest trending ingredients, new advances in beverage technology, you name it. Bonus? Most of them are naturally caffeine-free and calorie-free. What’s more, herbal teas have been used as natural remedies to soothe life’s little ailments since the beginning of time. Whether you’re looking for a traditional tisane to help with sleep, a refreshing iced tea to quench your thirst or just want to treat yourself to something delicious, there’s an herbal blend for just about every occasion.

Benefits of herbal tea

From soothing a scratchy throat and calming an upset tummy to keeping your hydration levels up – there are many benefits to drinking herbal teas and fruit infusions.

Soothe a cold

If you’re feeling under the weather, sip on Organic Cold 911 or Organic Throat Rescue – two of our best cold teas packed with soothing ingredients like mint, eucalyptus, licorice root, juniper berries and ginger. Not only are these blends free of caffeine, they’re also a great way to stay hydrated, which is key to immunity and recovery.

Relax and reduce stress

Need to relax? There’s a tea for that. Our extensive range of herbal infusions also includes super calming blends like lavender-strewn Organic Serenity Now and honey-scented Organic Calming Chamomile – two caffeine-free infusions that are great to help you wind down before bed. Want something stronger? Reach for bestselling Organic Mother’s Little Helper which contains valerian root. Also known as “nature’s valium,” valerian has reputation for naturally relieving stress and anxiety.

Ease digestion

Herbal teas can also help with digestion. If your pants are feeling a little snug or your tummy is acting up, reach for infusions that contain ginger – a spicy root that’s been used to stimulate digestion and calm upset stomachs for centuries. We recommend trying Organic Le Digestif – a sweet and minty blend packed with classic digestive aids.

Stay hydrated

If you’re having trouble getting in those eight glasses of water a day, our thirstquenching fruit and herbal infusions are great options to stay hydrated. Need to refuel after yoga? Stay cool on a hot summer day? Or just want to look and feel incredible? Replenish your fluids with mouthwatering faves like Caribbean Crush, Sunny C and Just Peachy. The best part about our infusions? You can sip ‘em morning, noon and night, hot or iced.

How much caffeine is in herbal tea?

If you’re sensitive to caffeine or are looking for something soothing that won’t keep you up at night, herbal teas are a great go-to since they usually contain zero caffeine. What’s more, most of them are kid-friendly, super hydrating and contain virtually no calories, making them excellent substitutes to juices and sodas.

Noticed a low caffeine rating on your tea’s label? Some of our herbals contain chocolate pieces which might give them a low caffeine score. Though rest assured, our chocolate infusions contain less caffeine than what you would find in a glass of chocolate milk or a chocolate bar.

Find the herbal infusion that’s right for you

Whether you’re craving a dessert tea, a bedtime blend or a refreshing new iced tea flavour, there’s a whole world of delicious to discover. From sweet, to floral or fruity, we have something for everyone!


Organic Cold 911

Bad colds require badass interventions. Take this tea, for example. It’s a deliciously soothing mix of peppermint, juniper berries and eucalyptus.

Organic Peppermint Amour

They say peppermint stimulates creativity and enhances your dreams. Not to mention its fresh, cool flavour and aroma.


Forever Nuts

This deliciously nutty jumble of almonds, apple, cinnamon and beetroot turns crazy pink when steeped. It’s totally nuts.

Valerian Nights

Throw yourself a slumber party with this scrumptious bedtime treat. Oozing with rich caramel and coconut, it’s one nightcap you’ll look forward to all day.

Magic Potion

Want to see a magic trick? Add a squeeze of lemon to this juicy blue raspberry blend and watch it go from indigo to violet, like a mood ring in your mug.


Organic Serenity Now 

With low-key lavender, serene strawberries and harmonious hibiscus, this oh-so soothing blend is a one-way ticket to your happy place. Bring it on, life. We got this.

Organic Dream On

Enjoy a midnight treat with this delicious, soothing blend of chamomile, lemongrass, fennel, hibiscus, citrus, licorice and rose petals.


Caribbean Crush

With pineapple, papaya and cranberries, this sweet and tangy tea is the ultimate tropical fruit punch. The only thing missing is a little paper umbrella…

Just Peachy

This fruity blend is packed with juicy peach flavour. Try it over ice with a splash of champagne for a fresh, summery spritzer. It’s a real peach.

ME to WE Kenya

With sweet pineapple, tangy hibiscus and tart cranberries, this fruity caffeine-free blend tastes like an all-natural tropical punch.


Organic Chaga Chai

With rich cacao, cinnamon, ginger and chaga – the world’s most magical mushroom – this spicy herbal detox tea is our new fave way to purify.

ME to WE India 

This luscious blend of ethically sourced Indian turmeric, sweet mango and creamy coconut is seriously delicious hot or iced.

Spiced Apple

For us, comfort is all about capturing warm and cozy flavours – like this sweet and spicy blend of apple, figs, cinnamon and star anise.

How to steep herbal tea perfectly

The beauty about steeping herbal teas? It’s impossible to mess up. To get a full flavoured cup every time, steep 1-2 Perfect Spoons of your fave loose leaf infusion in hot 95°C/200°F water so the ingredients release their natural oils and aromas. While we recommend steeping our herbal and fruit infusions for 5-7 minutes, you can easily let the ingredients infuse for longer depending on how strong you want it.

Make herbal tea at home DIY-style

Fun fact: You can make your own herbal tea blends at home using common ingredients already found in your local grocery store. From tummy-loving mint infusions and cold soothing tisanes to the ultimate morning detox tonic, whipping up your own caffeine-free teas in the comfort of your kitchen has never been easier.

Mint herbal tea recipe

The perfect after-dinner digestive aid.

Step 1

Steep 1-2 Perfect Spoons of Organic Peppermint Amour tea and ½ tsp of fennel seeds in hot water for 5 min, then discard leaves and spices.

Step 2

Stir in a spoonful of your fave sweetener (optional) and sip some tummy comfort.

Cold herbal tea recipe

Soothe a cold with this warming infusion.

Step 1

Steep 1-2 Perfect Spoons of Organic Cold 911 tea with ½ tsp of freshly grated ginger in hot water for 5-7 min, then discard leaves and spices.

Step 2

Stir in a drizzle of honey and sip for delicious relief.

Relaxing herbal tea latte recipe

Get the sweetest snooze with a sleepytime fave.

Step 1

Steep 1-2 Perfect Spoons of Organic Calming Chamomile in 1 cup of hot water for 5-7 min, then discard tea.

Step 2

Stir in a drizzle of honey and top with 1 cup of frothed milk. Sweet dreams!



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