Tea 101: How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

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Ask five people how they make the perfect cup of tea, and you’ll get five different answers. Milk in first, milk in last, 50-second steep, 3-minute steep, teapot, no teapot. Everyone has their own unique way of making their version of a perfect cup of tea. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But what do the experts say? What are the perfect conditions and steps that go into making the perfectly steeped cup of tea, time and time again? We spoke with our resident tea experts (we’ve got few) to get the step-by-step lowdown on how to make the perfect cup of tea at home.

Measure Your Tea

The perfect tea to water ratio is key to good flavour. Too much water can dilute the tea, making it lose its flavour. Adding too much tea, however, can have the opposite effect, making it too astringent to drink. We recommend starting with 1-2 Perfect Spoons of your tea of choice for a 16 oz cup. From there, you can test and discover exactly which tea and water ratio you like best.

Water Temperature and Quality

Using the right temperature for your tea is crucial to getting that perfect taste. Some tea types, such as green tea or matcha, should be steeped in cooler water. The cooler temperature means there’s less risk of burning the leaves. Pouring too hot water on these delicate blends can burn them and give them an unpleasant and bitter taste. To get the ideal flavour, always steep your tea according to the directions on the packaging. Not sure which temperature is right for your tea? Check out our handy tea temperature guide.

Water Quality

If you find your tea doesn’t taste as good as it did when you bought it or tried it at the café, it could be because of the water quality. The quality of the water used in your tea can have surprising implications on the taste. Before you blame the blend, try using filtered water instead of tap to see if it affects the flavour. Another trick you can try is not letting your water boil for too long. Pour the water over the tea as soon as the kettle whistles and see if this improves the flavour.

Let it Steep!  

Different teas call for different steep times. While some can turn bitter after a few minutes, most herbal teas can infuse all day and some teas, like oolong, are even delicious when re-steeped. Be sure to follow the steeping instructions on your tea packaging for the optimal time.

No Bag Necessary

Some people think that they should leave the teabag in the cup while they’re drinking their tea. FALSE. Removing the teabag at the right time helps to prevent over-steeping and makes sure you get that perfect tea flavour throughout your sipping.

Rules are Made to Be Broken

It’s okay to break the rules! Your perfect cup of tea should be something that makes you happy. We want people to thoroughly enjoy our blends – even if it means over-steeping or leaving the tea bag in the cup. The only truly “perfect” way to enjoy your tea is however you like it best. Bottom’s up!


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