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There are a lot of variables to consider when steeping your tea. And one of the most important is water temperature. Steep it too hot, and you risk burning your brew. Steep it too cold, and you’ll be left with a mild tasting cup.

So how hot should your water be? To make sure you get the best results, we selflessly sampled our entire collection to develop this simple steeping temperature guide. It was hard… but we’d do it again. That’s how much we love you:

A watched pot…

While temperature is easy to determine if you have a thermometer, how can you tell without one? There are a few different tricks, but the easiest has got to be the boil-and-wait method:

  • 74-80ºC: Let boiled water sit for about 7 minutes before use.
  • 85ºC: Let boiled water sit for about 4 minutes before use.
  • 96ºC: Let boiled water sit for a minute before use.

And there you have it. As easy as watching a kettle boil.

Now that you have the best temperature for your tea, how long should you steep? Check out our post on steeping times here.

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