Mother’s Day Give-Back: DAVIDsTEA x Mamas for Mamas

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Mother’s Day reminds us to take a moment to acknowledge and appreciate everything our moms and caregivers do for us. From late-night rides home to brutally honest life insights and laughing fits, celebrate the memories you’ve shared together and remember to support them back. Because even if they don’t admit it, they deserve (and need) it too.

This year, we partnered with Mamas for Mamas to do just that! We’re SO excited to announce a Mother’s Day give-back! From March 31 until May 8 2022, 10% of all proceeds from Organic Mother’s Little Helper products will be donated to support the community of moms and caregivers in need.

Meet Mamas for Mamas: A National Charitable Organization

Mamas for Mamas provides ongoing support to moms and caregivers in crisis. The funds raised from Organic Mother’s Little Helper will help provide emergency support through clinical counselling for the organization’s Mental Health and Wellness program, as well as their Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support and Whole Mama Wellness Programs.

These programs provide ongoing access to registered trained mental health professionals, clinical counsellors, referrals to individual and group counselling with follow-up support, mindfulness groups, access to physical activities and parenting support.

To learn more about Mamas for Mamas, tune in to our Steeping Together Podcast episode with founder Shannon Christensen.

“I always say to people, if you are looking after your neighbour and you are treating the moms in your life with love and compassion and respect, and you are curious before you’re critical, you’re already part of Mamas for Mamas. […] When we’re looking for the opportunities to be [a little softer, to be a little kinder], you can’t help but find them.” – Shannon Christensen, Mamas for Mamas founder

More Ways We Give Back

Access to basic goods is a fundamental right but for some, this isn’t always a reality. That’s why we’re always in search of new and impactful ways to give back and collaborate with charitable organizations like Mamas for Mamas.

Along with this year’s Mother Day give-back, we’ve also been donating teas and tea accessories to Mamas for Mamas’ Karma Markets, where struggling families receive anything they need at no cost. At DAVIDsTEA, we make it our responsibility to understand and respond to people’s needs, so that we can help make a real difference.

And we’re not stopping there. Find out more ways we’re caring for our communitea.

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