Air, Light, Humidity, and Proper Tea Storage

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One of the most important things to know about maintaining your tea collection is how to store it properly – proper tea storage is the key to keeping your tea tasting fresher, longer. So how should you store your tea? The first thing to know is that tea has three major enemies: air, light, and humidity

Damage control 

Air: Open air can cause the tea oils inside the leaf to evaporate, leading to a loss in flavour.

Light: When tea leaves are exposed to light, they dry out. This may lead to evaporation and a loss in flavour.

Humidity: Humidity is very damaging to tea leaves, and can quickly cause them to deteriorate in quality.

Seal the Deal

So what’s the best way to store your tea? Should you keep it in bags? Seal it in jars? In store, we offer two main storage containers: silver bags and tins.

If you store your tea in a silver bag, be sure to remove all the air from the bag before closing it up.

Inflated+Bag  Deflated+Bag

If you’re using our tea storage tin, simply fill it up with tea, then firmly secure the lid.

Now, while bags and tins are a good first line of defense, it’s also important to store your collection in a cool, dry place. Remember, you want to keep your tea as far away from air, light and humidity as possible. This means that the fridge and freezer are off limits, as the moisture that accumulates there will ruin your tea. If you ask us, a dark cupboard or cabinet work best.

And there you have it. Your tea collection is now out of harm’s way. We recommend celebrating with a cup of tea.


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