Healthy(ish) steps to a new you

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Looking for tips on starting a 30-day kale juice cleanse? Nope, us either.  You’ll have to look elsewhere for super strict regimens and detox programs – this year, we’re all about making smart decisions for healthy(ish) living.  So, hold the diet plan. Here are seven tried and true –and incredibly easy–ways to sprinkle some wellness into your lifestyle.

Start your day off right

Rise and shine! Try to keep the snooze-hitting to a minimum then get yourself out of bed to start up the kettle. While your tea is steeping, make your daily to-do list.  Not only does this wake up your brain, it’ll help you stay on track for the rest of the day and put your mind in mission mode. We swear by a cup of green tea in the morning for good reason: the l-theanine in the tea is said to give calm feelings while keeping you mentally alert. Way to start the day on the right foot!

Have breakfast, even if it’s small

You’ve heard it before, but it’s worth repeating: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Even a small brekkie – think toast with nut butter and banana slices plus a cup of tea – will help you feel satiated. Try to avoid less wholesome snacks and lunch choices (we’re talking about you, burger and fries!). If you’re really craving a burger, try swapping the fries for a salad or some fresh fruit. Everything in moderation, right?

Go the extra mile… or just a few steps

You don’t need to run a marathon but getting in some extra steps every day adds up. It’s as simple as choosing the stairs instead of the escalator at the metro. If you drive to school or work, park a block further than usual and get your walking in that way. It’s all about those baby steps!

Drink lots of fluids throughout the day

Staying hydrated is key. Instead of drinking coffee or soda, quench your thirst with fruity and refreshing teas like Pura Vida and ME to WE Tea. Wanna stay warm? A spicy tea like Super Ginger will do the trick.

Swap cocktails for mocktails

Consider yourself an amateur bartender? Challenge yourself to make super tasty alcohol-free bevvies at your next dinner party. Make them feel special: use nice glassware, fresh herbs and teas as your mixers or bases! Not only are you avoiding a hangover, skipping the alcohol means you save on the calories.

Skip the bottle of wine and try pairing your food with tea

You might be a pro at finding the perfect bottle of wine to pair with your meals – but have you ever done the same with pure teas? Teas from different regions have distinct tastes and bring out different qualities in food. It’s a great way to rediscover some of the classics you have in your cupboard that just don’t get enough love.

Satisfy a sweet craving with dessert teas

As we near the bottom of our holiday cookie stockpile, it’s the perfect time to find a substitute to satisfy sweet cravings. Two words: dessert tea. From Birthday Cake to Cardamom French Toast, there’s a tea for (almost) any sweet dessert you’re in the mood for. Bonus? Tons of them are calorie-free! If you’re in a #treatyourself kinda mood, you can indulge even further and make one into a tea latte. Here’s how.Y


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