Happy International Coffee Day

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There’s something you should know about us. Just like you, we love coffee. All those celebs featured in the weekly glossies clutching their massive to-go cups? That’s us.

Sure, we’re tea experts who adore what we do. But just because we enjoy a nice afternoon oolong, doesn’t mean we can’t also appreciate a nutty espresso with a slight fruity aftertaste. And do not get us started on that freshly roasted coffee smell. GAH!


We’re all about creating rich, distinct blends using different flavours and ingredients and there’s no denying that coffee is big on flavour.

The best way to get that perfect, full-bodied coffee flavour is through the beans. We could crush them, sure. But instead we like to use the whole bean in blends like our Coffee Pu’erh tea.

Using the whole bean gives the tea that perfect  hint of coffee as well as that delicious slightly burnt aroma from the roasting, with the bitter aftertaste.


We usually crave coffee because what we’re really craving is a big ol’ caffeine kick. But which beans/roast will give you that big bean energy you’re looking for? Just about any one, apparently.

Coffee beans are grown in tropical climates around the world located near the equator, or what’s colloquially called “the bean belt”.

Caffeine levels remain fairly stable in all types of beans, even when roasted. What can have an impact on caffeine level however, is how you make your coffee. (Another similarity with our first love.)

A single shot of espresso has an estimated 40 mg per ounce of caffeine, while a cup of drip coffee only has 10 mg per ounce. But since the size of a drip coffee is usually bigger than an espresso, there’s technically more caffeine in a regular cup of joe than the fancier European counterpart. Just like the celebs, make ours a Venti.


Want that coffee flavour without the full-on jitters? We feel you. Try our coffee-infused blends for just the right amount of bean-y goodness.

Jumpy Monkey – nutty, sweet and made with real coffee beans, it makes a delicious latte.

Coffee Pu’erh – metabolism-boosting and great for digestion, it’s the closest thing to a real coffee.

Vanilla Cappuccino – sweet, creamy and totally satisfying as an iced cappuccino.

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