The World’s Greatest Matcha Jokes

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There’s nothing David loves more than a good matcha joke… except for maybe a bad one. So we asked around the office for inspiration. Here’s what our team came up with.

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Q: What was David’s best subject in school?

A: Matcha-matics.


Q: What’s David’s favourite song?

A: Matcha Matcha Man


Q: How much does David love matcha?

A: A latte


Q: Which Shakespeare play does David know every word of?

A: Matcha do about nothing


Q: What’s David’s favourite dance?

A: The matcha-rena


Q: What did the tea guide do when he lost a whisking contest to David?

A: He asked for a re-matcha


Q: If David could only eat one food, what would it be?

A: Matcha-roni and cheese


Q: What happened the first time David tried matcha?

A: He was whisked off of his feet

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