The perfect food to pair with Japanese teas

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Ever wonder how green tea became such a treasured part of Japanese culture? Go to any Japanese tea house today, and you’ll find the ceremony is still being performed just as it was then. And you can thank the Buddhist monks for that. It all started around the 8th Century when they introduced tea to the country.  In fact, the first Japanese book of tea was written by a Zen Buddhist monk in the early 1200s. From there, tea masters Sen No Rikyu, Murata Shuko and Take Joo created Chanoyu – a popular Japanese tea ceremony where matcha is prepared and served with traditional Japanese sweets.

We don’t know about you, but all this tea talk is making us thirsty. Did we mention tea tastes amazing when paired with food? Here are some of our favourite flavourful combinations featuring our very own Japanese teas.

1. Japanese Sencha & Salmon

Having salmon tonight? Our Japanese Sencha is the perfect companion. This refreshing green tea has a light buttery note which tastes amazing with the rich flavour of the fish. Plus it’s a drink that helps cleanse your palate. Need we say more?

2. Sencha Ashikubo & Onigiri009-JapaneseFoodPairings_in-article_onigiri

If you love sushi, then you’ll love onigiri. And what better way to eat these tiny rice parcels wrapped in nori (seaweed) than with our Sencha Ashikubo tea. The subtle roasted chestnut aroma from the tea really brings out the toasty flavour from the rice.

3. Matcha Matsu & Seafood

Try pairing our vibrant green Matcha Matsu with a deliciously rich seafood dish like shrimp tempura. You’ll find the fresh and complex flavours from the tea help cut the richness from the fish for a perfectly balanced meal.

4. Ceremonial Matcha & Chocolate

Looking for your next indulgence? Our Ceremonial Matcha has a pleasant bitterness that perfectly complements rich, creamy desserts such as a decadent chocolate pot de crème.

5. Cherry Blossom & Macaroons

Take your afternoon tea to the next level by pairing our fresh Cherry Blossom tea with a sweet coconut macaroon. You’ll find the sweet cherry flavour and subtle creaminess from the tea blend nicely with the toasted coconut notes of this classic treat.


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