Tax Free Tea

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Tax Free Tea

It’s almost Tax Day. And whether you’re rushing to get your taxes finished before the deadline, or you filed them weeks ago, you deserve a cup of tea. After all, it’s one of the few things you probably didn’t pay tax on this year.

Get loose

You may have noticed that when you buy loose-leaf tea, the price you see on the scale is the same as the total that you see on your receipt. This isn’t a mistake, or done just because we think you’re awesome (you know we do, but that’s beside the point). It’s because tea falls into the tax-group of basic consumable products, which are zero-rated. And that means that all loose-leaf tea purchased off the tea wall is 100% tax-free!

Tax on pre-packs

Although bulk loose leaf is tax-free, it’s important to note that this zero-rate doesn’t apply to the plant in all its forms. For instance, gift packs or single serve products are taxable. As well as any beverage prepared in store (don’t worry, it’s really easy to make a latte at home). Simply put, any pre-packaged kits or prepared foods and beverages are taxable.


P.S. As if tax-free tea isn’t good enough, this might be a good time to remind you that you can get 10% off online purchases of 250 g or more of any single tea!



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