New and Improved: Tea Sachet Update

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You want a cup of tea, but you don’t have an infuser. Or maybe you’re on-the-go and just don’t have the time. Whatever the case, it shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a delicious cup of tea.

If you’ve been to DAVIDsTEA lately, you may have noticed that our tea sachets have gotten an upgrade. But why did we change formats and what’s so special about the new design? We sat down with our gift pack buyer, Liat, to get the scoop.


DT: So why are we launching this new sachet line?

LH: For many reasons, but mainly because our customers have been asking for it! They want the flavour that our teas are known for, in a convenient pre-portioned format.

DT: Where would these sachets fit into your daily life?

LH: These sachets are perfect on-the-go, but they’re also nice for those who might be new to loose leaf tea – getting the same amazing flavor, but in a format that is more familiar and potentially less intimidating.

DT: What are some of the key benefits of these sachets?

LH: The most important thing is that the sachets feature the same amazing quality teas found loose on the tea wall. Each tea was repeatedly measured and tasted until we got the perfect results. It was also really important to us that they be eco-friendly – the sachet, tag, string and overwrap are 100% oxo-biodegradable.

Some other improvements include a bag that’s larger than our previous format. This gives the tea more room to expand, giving you a more flavourful cup. We also improved the tag, which now includes the tea name, steeping instructions and caffeine rating, as well as a longer string which gives it more flexibility.

DT: Is steeping loose leaf tea better than steeping tea sachets?

Not better, just different. Some people like the ritual of loose leaf tea, while others prefer the convenience of a sachet. In fact, many people enjoy both! It really depends on the occasion, but whatever your preference, we wanted to be sure that you’re getting a great cup of tea.

DT: What is the difference between a grocery store tea sachet and our new line of sachets?

Grocery store tea bags generally grind the tea to a fine powder, whereas our tea sachets use a fuller leaf. Not to mention the sheer variety of flavours!

DT: Most importantly, which teas come in sachet form?

For launch we included 3 seasonal teas, each box containing 12 sachets, along with 20 permanent teas, each box containing 12 sachets. We also have 4 variety packs and a beautiful teal tea chest.

You can find the full collection of our new tea sachets in-store or online!


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