How to make iced tea perfectly

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Iced tea is probably the best drink on the planet. It’s delicious, refreshing and super quick and easy to whip up – and we have your step-by-step guide to making the best iced tea right here, so make sure to stick around! Whether you love a crisp Japanese Sencha, a spicy black tea like our Organic Saigon Chai or a fresh and juicy herbal, we’ve got news for you: every tea can be enjoyed cold. Just brew it extra strong, add ice and you’ve got instant iced tea for every mood.

So how do you steep your own iced tea? Explore our innovative teaware and discover the fastest, easiest ways to brew iced tea at home or on the go.


The fastest way to make iced tea at home

Step 1

In a Steeper, add 1-2 Perfect Spoons of your fave loose leaf tea and 295 ml (10 oz) of hot water

Step 2

Steep tea according to tea instructions

Step 3

Fill 16 oz mug with ice, then place Steeper on top to release tea and stir in sweetener (optional)


The ultimate iced tea maker for life on the go

Step 1

Add 1-2 Perfect Spoons of loose leaf tea to outer sleeve, pour in hot water to the fill line and steep according to your tea’s steeping instructions

Step 2

While tea is steeping, fill the inner compartment with ice, screw on the lid and place it into the outer sleeve, stopping before the water line

Step 3

With the click lid open, slowly press the inner compartment all the way down and click to lock your lid

Now that you’ve mastered how to make an iced tea, it’s time to take your favourite refresher to the next level. Find out how to make an iced latte with tea here.


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