How to care for your matcha whisk in 5 easy steps

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When it comes to making picture-perfect matcha green tea, whisking is key – and that includes properly caring for your matcha whisk. Sound boring? Not for a true matcha lover! Caring for your traditional bamboo whisk is a ritual that will make sure your fave stone-ground green tea is always smooth, free of clumps and topped with Insta-worthy froth. Here’s how to take care of your matcha whisk in five easy steps.

Step 1: Don’t wait to wash

The first piece of advice is the simplest: after each use, remember to wash your matcha whisk thoroughly right away. Why? Traditional bamboo whisks (also called “chasen”) can grow mold if they’re exposed to moisture for too long. Needless to say, important step!

Step 2: How to wash your matcha whisk

Rinse thoroughly with hot water, making sure that no matcha is left on the bristles. Also, never use soap and never put it in the dishwasher. Washing your whisk is a hand wash affair only!

Step 3: Air dry

This is the easiest step, because you don’t actually have to do anything, except simply let your whisk air dry. The only thing you have to remember? Always place your whisk with the bristles pointing down so as not to trap moisture at the handle.

Step 4: How to store your matcha whisk correctly

Yes, there’s even an art to storing your whisk. You should wait until it completely dries before putting it away. And when you store it, remember to keep it upright.

Step 5: Soak your bamboo whisk before use

Before you make yourself a matcha, here’s a little pro tip: soak your whisk in warm water before each use. This will soften the bristles, which will help you achieve that perfect green froth you love so much.

With these five care hacks in your back pocket, that perfectly frothy cup of matcha green tea is just a whisk away.



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