Youth Tonic Signature Beverage recipe

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Who knew tea could be so beautifying? Rewind the clock and give your skin a youthful glow with our new Youth Tonic Signature Beverage. This fruity beauty blend is packed with skin-loving ingredients like earthy rooibos, soothing rose petals, antioxidant-rich green tea and sea buckthorn berries.

Preparing this magic tonic is a breeze. You only need two ingredients: Organic The Glow and Forever Flawless teas. This thirstquenching elixir is mega hydrating thanks to the rooibos in The Glow. And Forever Flawless is packed with sea buckthorn berries which are famous for helping keep skin radiant.

A delight for your tastebuds (and your skin!), this drink is a must-have in your tea and beauty cabinet. Steep up a cup as part of your morning or bedtime ritual to feel radiant all day and all night.

To start the New Year right, we’re offering this bev in stores for a limited time only, from December 29th to January 8th. What are you waiting for?

Youth Tonic


  • 1 Perfect Spoonful of Forever Flawless
  • ½ Perfect spoonful of The Glow
  • 16 oz near-boiling water


Step 1
Steep tea in near-boiling water for 5 minutes, then strain into your favorite cup and discard the leaves!

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