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Ever wonder which tea matches your zodiac sign? Whether you’re a dreamy Aquarius in need of something delicious to get your head out of the clouds or a sassy Scorpio looking for a blend that’s as spicy as you are, we have your perfect match right here. Read on to find out what you should be sipping this year based on your sign.


Tea: Organic Mother’s Little Helper

Traits: Direct, hardworking, naïve, willful

You’ve got skills and you’re not afraid to use them! A real go-getter and always willing to lend a hand –you’re basically everyone’s superhero. But sometimes even the hardest of workers need a little help. Give your inner Aries the night off with this relaxing tea packed with traditional herbal aids like valerian root, chamomile and mint. With soothing and sleep-inducing benefits, it’ll encourage even the hardest helpers to chill at the end of a busy day.


Tea: Tulsi tranquility

Traits: Patient, determined, logical, complacent

Everybody can benefit from the tranquility of a Taurus. You approach the world with steady patience and logic. Being your friend is like snuggling up in a homemade quilt on a cold winter night. Hardworking yet calming, romantic but not frivolous – it’s no mystery why your easy-going nature pairs so well with Tulsi Tranquility. With stress-free tulsi (aka holy basil), sweet berries and a hint of floral rose, it’s perfectly well-balanced, just like you.


Tea: Organic The Glow

Traits: Flexible, quick-witted, indecisive, inconsistent

You’re the queen of adaptability and can handle anything life throws at you. That’s why you need a tea like The Glow that can handle your ever-changing day-to-day. This beautifying blend steeps both hot and iced, and is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy. On those days when you wake up feeling a little bit moody, take a sip of this hydrating blend full of nettle leaf. It’ll have you back to your best self in no time.


Tea: Organic Gyokuro Yamashiro

Traits: Tenacious, affectionate, irritable, hypersensitive

Traditional with a hint of class and sophistication, this buttery green tea was born for you. Rich in antioxidants and amino acids, this delicious Japanese tea was made to be steeped by someone as cautious and affectionate as yourself since it requires carefully measured water temperature and steeping time. And just like you, this tea’s leaves are hypersensitive, but if you treat ‘em right, you have a friend for life.


Tea: Sunny C

Traits: Protective, loyal, arrogant

You’re the life of the party. A big ball of radiant sunshine. And just like super social Leo, this strong and vivacious vitamin C tea is sure to attract tons of people. While you may be the head of your squad, even the fiercest of leaders need an immunity boosting tea to keep their defences going strong. And this citrusy blend will provide you (and your favourite people) with protection and warmth when you need it most.


Tea: Cool Eucalyptus

Traits: Practical, courteous, meticulous, reserved

Practicality, courtesy and decorum are words of the Virgo. You’re a cool, calm and collected superstar who loves to keep things clean and simple. You enjoy your tidy home as much as your clean, healthy lifestyle. So don’t be surprised if your neat and meticulous nature gravitates towards this refreshing Cool Eucalyptus. With sinus-loving eucalyptus – an antimicrobial ingredient historically used to clean rooms and hospitals – and juniper berries, this fruity tea is like sipping a fresh start.


Tea: Honey Ginseng Defence

Traits: Charming, idealistic, indecisive, procrastinator

Always able to see the other side of an argument, you’re quick to defend someone you love. Which is why your perfect match lies in this beautiful immune-loving tea designed to keep your first line of defence standing strong. With adaptogenic ginseng, anti-aging goji berries and a wild honey aroma, this fruity and floral oolong is every Libra’s soulmate. It’s perfectly balanced, memorable and a little bit luxurious – much like your always classy OOTD.


Tea: Ginger Turmeric Tonic

Traits: Dedicated, magnetic, disciplined, suspicious

Spicy, sassy and a little badass-y, this hot-to-trot ginger green tea was born to please your inner Scorpio. With anti-inflammatory turmeric, digestion-loving ginger and energizing green tea, it’s as likely to mercilessly attack (any little stomach bug) as often as it is to tenderly soothe (tummy troubles). Trust us, this hardworking blend was made for your inner disciplinarian. All you gotta do is don your sassy pants and get sipping.


Tea: Gaba Guava

Traits: Cheerful, honourable, outspoken, reckless

Fruity and tons of fun, this blend is a real crowdpleaser (like you!). You’re all about giving people a good laugh, helping out where possible, and exploring everything the world has to offer. With focus-ready GABA green tea, this tea is your secret weapon to achieving your lifelong goals – whether it’s learning a new language, studying abroad or traveling to the next It destination.


Tea: Organic Choco Chaga Detox

Traits: Wise, generous, ambitious, pretentious

Featuring a magical mushroom that grows as old as birches, this chocolaty superblend is perfect for someone as wise as yourself. Whether for immunity, adaptogenic purposes, or an overall boost, chaga’s generous array of nutrients will see you through just about anything. Like you, this tea may be a little difficult to get to know at first, but it’ll soon win you over with its dependability and underlying sweetness.


Tea: Organic Namastea

Traits: Charitable, tolerant, eccentric, thoughtless

As an Aquarius, you’re always looking to solve the problems of the world. A bit of an individual, sometimes eccentric and forever a daydreamer, you need a tea that complements your free-floating nature. Say hello to this L-theanine-enhanced green tea. When the world isn’t changing fast enough for your inner visionary, just sip this creamy combo of calming valerian root and focus-boosting green tea. It’s the perfect blend to get your head out of the clouds and back in the zone.


Tea: Organic Zen Pearls

Traits: Creative, perceptive, indecisive, fearfulness

Creative geniuses like yourself can always use a cup of focus-inducing tea – and what better counterpart than these lovely jasmine-scented, hand-tied pearls? This floral tea was made for the artsy sign that never misses a single detail and is always in tune with the small beauties of the world. Your sensitive nature will truly appreciate sipping on this delicate aromatic infusion while working on your next masterpiece, be it a symphony, a novel or a piece of abstract art.

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