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Got a sweet tooth? Meet your new best friend: agave. In ancient civilization, the Aztecs prized this golden syrup as a gift from the gods and used it to cure infections. Today, agave is quickly gaining popularity as a delicious sweetener people can’t get enough of.  Still not convinced? Here are five reasons we’re sweet on agave:

1. It comes from the same plant as tequila

The wonderful world of agave | Steep Thoughts

Agave syrup is made from the Blue Agave plant, a succulent native to southern Mexico that just so happens to be the main ingredient in tequila or mescal. So for all you party people out there, you can thank agave for your next tequila shot. But don’t worry…agave is one golden liquid that definitely won’t give you a hangover.

2. It never crystalizes

Unlike honey or other sweeteners, agave will never crystallize or get cloudy. Plus it lasts for ages at room temperature. So no matter how long you keep it, you can be sure it’ll stay as smooth and clear as they day you bought it.

3. It dissolves quickly

We love to add a dash of agave in a refreshing cup of iced tea for a sweet kick. Not only does it dissolve super fast, it’s mild enough that it doesn’t mask the delicious flavours of our teas. It also tastes amazing in many other cold drinks like iced coffee, homemade lemonade and even your favourite summer cocktails.

4. You can use it in baked goods

If you’re running low on table sugar, maple syrup or honey, agave syrup is the perfect substitute. Don’t believe us? Add it to your next batch of muffins and cookies. Better yet, try it on your pancakes tomorrow morning and let us know what you think.

5. It comes in different flavours

When it comes to aroma, natural agave is a little sweeter than honey, without the bitter aftertaste associated with artificial sweeteners.  Colour also plays a big role when it comes to flavour. Lighter agaves taste milder due to the lengthy filtration process they have to go through, while darker agaves have a stronger nectar, with similar tasting notes to maple syrup. And if you’re looking for something totally different, we regularly come out with limited edition flavours like vanilla, coconut and lime.

How agave is made

The wonderful world of agave | Steep Thoughts

From the desert to the shelves, making the perfect tasting agave takes time and a lot of patience. Once the agave plant has reached 7-10 years old, the leaves are cut off and the core of the plant (also called the “pina”) is harvested. Sap is then extracted from the pina, filtered and heated at a low temperature. This helps break down the carbohydrates into sugars, creating a syrupy consistency. Because agave is less refined than many sweeteners, it’s often considered more “natural”.

Looking to satisfy your sweet tooth? Browse our agave collection. Whether you’re sweetening at home or on the go, we have everything you need to get started.


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