The Ultimate Holiday Tea Pairing Guide

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You sent the invitations out weeks ago. You spent hours plotting the menu and gathering all your supplies. You’ve got your kitchen prep done and your ‘gram-worthy tablescape ready to go. Or maybe you just ordered takeout. Either way, you’re a host with the most and you know how to throw a dinner party. Want to seriously impress your guests? Surprise them with perfect tea pairings for every dish and watch them lose their minds with deliciousness.

So how do you pair tea with food? Like wine pairing, it’s half art, half superfun science experiment. But don’t worry – we did the testing for you, so the results are guaranteed to be good. Check out our guide to mouthwatering holiday tea pairings for every dish.

Cheese Platter

What to serve: a selection of teas

Why you’ll love it: Start things off with a bang – a gorgeous platter laid with charcuterie, fruits and of course, a selection of hard and soft cheeses. You could pick one star cheese and tea pairing, but if you really want to blow their minds, serve custom tea pairings for every cheese. We recommend starting with these.

Herbed Goat Cheese or Fresh Ricotta + Butterfly Jasmine

This jasmine tea’s delicate floral notes are a perfect counterpoint to tangy cheeses.

Triple Cream Brie + Tie Kwan Yin

The nutty and buttery taste of Tie Kwan Yin melds beautifully with decadent soft cheese.

Gruyère or Manchego + Dragonwell

The fresh green veggie notes in Dragonwell play well with salty, nutty hard cheeses.

Saint Agur Blue + Lapsang Souchong Star

Strong, smoky Lapsang cuts smoothly through rich and funky blue cheeses.

Roast Turkey

What to serve: Ginger Pear G&T (get the recipe here)

Why you’ll love it: Everyone knows that aromatic herbs like sage, rosemary and dill pair beautifully with poultry. So is it any surprise that Ginger Pear’s notes of ginger and cinnamon make this pairing work so well? Mix up a tea cocktail with gin and a sprig of rosemary to take it to the next level.

Roasted Root Vegetables

What to serve: Gyokuro Yamashiro

Why you’ll love it: The leafy green taste and chestnut notes of Gyokuro Yamashiro are the perfect complement to winter veggies like roasted butternut squash, sweet potato and turnips. Fresh and green, it makes a great pick-me-up.

Savoury Pies

What to serve: Spiced Apple

Why you’ll love it: Savoury pies are often flavoured with a blend of herbs and spices – think thyme, sage and a pinch of cinnamon. This tea’s sweet apples, figs and cloves merge smoothly – plus its star anise and chicory notes counterbalance rich fillings and pastry.

Chinese Spiced Pork

What to serve: Silken Pu’erh

Why you’ll love it: Discerning Chinese chefs have been pairing smooth pu’erh with rich meals for centuries. One delicately balanced sip to cut through the meaty richness of the pork and you’ll understand exactly why this tradition has stood the test of time.

Buttery Baked Treats

Pair them with: Orange Pekoe

Why you’ll love it: There’s a reason this black tea is the go-to blend at afternoon tea parties. Its astringency beautifully balances the buttery notes of freshly baked treats like fluffy biscuits, shortbread cookies and mincemeat pies – so you’re refreshed and ready for another bite.

NYE Cocktails

What to serve: Alpine Punch Old Fashioned

Why you’ll love it: Honestly, if you need us to explain what’s so great about a perfectly mixed punch with dancing fruitiness, a hint of spice and a warming, woodsy glow of bourbon, we just don’t know who you are anymore. Trust us – you’re gonna love it.

Love pairing teas with your favourite foods? Share your go-to combos in the comments or using #davidstea. Happy steeping!



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