Tropical Iced Tea Float with Raspberry Sorbet

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Craving an icy dessert? You’re gonna love this fruity iced tea float. Our latest recipe is the ultimate staycation treat thanks to refreshing citrus soda and tangy Caribbean Crush tea – a sweet blend of pineapple, papaya and cranberries. Easy to make and incredibly delicious, this tropical twist on the classic 60s ice cream float also comes with an extra scoop of raspberry sorbet on top (yes, we like to live dangerously). Since it makes 6 to 8 servings, it’s guaranteed to taste even more amazing when shared with friends. Serve it with a splash of vodka or gin at your next pool party and get ready to shimmy!

Tea Float with Raspberry Sorbet

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Tropical Iced Tea Float with Raspberry Sorbet


  • 5 Perfect Spoonfuls of Caribbean Crush tea
  • 1 litre hot water
  • 1 litre lemon-lime soda
  • raspberry or strawberry sorbet
  • vodka or gin (optional)
  • Makes 6-8 servings.


Step 1
Steep tea in hot water for 15 minutes, then strain into a bowl and chill until ice cold.
Step 2
In a 2 litre pitcher , add chilled tea and soda. Add a scoop of sorbet in 12 oz cups and top with soda-and-tea mix plus 1 oz liquor if using. Sip up and say hello to your new summer fling!

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