Top 10 Ingredients to Watch in 2019

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Our tea experts are constantly travelling the globe in search of the hottest and most beneficial ingredients. This year, we’ll have tons of great ingredients to tell you about. For now, scroll down for a quick primer on the most popular mug-worthy buzzwords you’ll hear in 2019.

1. Ashwagandha

Popular in Ayurvedic medicine for its rejuvenating properties, ashwagandha is an ancient root you may also have heard called Indian ginseng or winter cherry. A small dose of this (slightly bitter) ingredient helps your body adapt to stress, keeping you calm and balanced throughout the day.

2. Kombucha

By now, you’re probably already a kombucha convert. This fermented green or black tea is a bubbly treat popping up in cafes, corner shops and the coolest office kitchens. High in antioxidants and electrolytes, it’s a probiotic gem that keeps your digestive system happy and healthy.

3. Tulsi (aka Holy Basil)

When it’s time for some serious relaxation, nothing compares to tulsi, aka holy basil. Known as the “queen of herbs” in Ayurvedic medicine, this South Asian ingredient promotes wellbeing and resilience. It’s also related to sweet basil (yes, the kind found on margherita pizza) so you know it’s going to taste divine. Discover Tulsi teas here.

4. Eucalyptus

Refreshing and woodsy, eucalyptus’s healing abilities are no secret. A key ingredient in cures for the common cold – lozenges, vapour rubs – it does wonders for any respiratory discomfort. Nothing helps clear your head quite like the scent of this flowering tree. Discover Eucalyptus teas here.

5. Moringa

Winter is the time to give your immune system a little boost and moringa, aka the miracle tree, will give it exactly the type of boost it needs. Traditionally used to help combat malnutrition, this protein and mineral-rich plant often used to is gaining in popularity in wellness circles but we’re letting you in on the secret now. It’s full of vitamins, minerals and detoxifying properties to help you feel your best.

6. Matcha

Made from stone-ground green tea leaves, matcha is packed with the stuff you need to sail through winter like antioxidants, polyphenols and caffeine. Best of all, unlike a cup of coffee, a simple dose of matcha will give you a calm boost of energy and focus. Discover Matcha teas here.

7. Chaga

Hailed as the world’s most magical mushroom, chaga is a powerhouse adaptogen known for its cleansing benefits. Found on yellow and white birch trees in cold regions, it’s also the second most antioxidant-rich food known to humankind (right behind chocolate). It probably comes as no surprise to learn this earthy ingredient has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Discover Chaga teas here.

8. Turmeric

A flowering plant from the ginger family, turmeric is a trending spice known for its bright orange colour and earthy, warm flavour. Used in everything from yummy curries to soothing face masks, this super ingredient is thought to treat tummy troubles and improve the look of skin. No wonder it’s on our list!

9. Ginseng

This probably isn’t your first run-in with ginseng. A staple in ancient Chinese medicine, it’s one of the world’s most popular herbal remedies. Although there are several types of ginseng, the Asian and American strains are said to give a kick of energy, boost the ole memory and fortify immunity – everything you need to get through a long winter.

10. Ginger

When it comes to ginger, there’s a lot to love. Popular for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, this ancient spice is believed to help relieve nausea, soothe the tummy and boost your defences against colds and viruses. Its warm, spicy taste feels like the kick in the pants your system probably needs.

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