Top 10 Greatest Hits: Tea Recipes, Hacks and More

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Ever wondered which blog posts your fellow tea lovers can’t get enough of? From decadent and wholesome tea-infused recipes to the benefit-packed secrets of sipping matcha and loose leaf, here are our top 10 most popular posts of all time. Get your Pinterest board ready…

How to Make a Tea Latte

Take your favourite loose leaf blend to the next level by turning it into the frothiest tea latte on the planet.

Intro to matcha green tea

Discover the all the delicious health benefits this powerhouse stone-ground green tea has to offer.

How to make a Turmeric Tea Latte

Want to get that coveted just-back-from-vacation glow? Sip on this rich golden concoction packed with beautifying ingredients – including the ancient yellow spice everyone can’t get enough of.

Spicy Matcha Popcorn

Looking for the ultimate snack for game day? Reach for this spiced buttery popcorn dusted with energizing matcha. Warning: It’ll leave your friends cheering for more.

Get to know Loose Leaf Tea

With this loose leaf crash course, you’ll go from tea newbie to well-seasoned pro in no time.

Tea Infused No Churn Ice Cream

Frosty, creamy and made with one of our sweet & indulgent dessert teas… it’s no wonder this recipe is one of our all-time faves!

Make a Matcha Milkshake

Get ready to shake what your matcha gave you with our go-to 3PM craving crusher.

How Much Tea Should I use Per Cup?

From steeping for one to refreshing a crowd, these expert tips are your one-way ticket to making the perfect cup of tea, every time.

Cotton Candy Float

Whether it’s for a birthday, backyard bash or a movie night in, this decadent fairground treat never fails to please dessert lovers of all ages.

Blueberry Jam Bubble Tea

It’s no secret bubble tea makes the world go round. Find out why this silky blueberry indulgence is a hot-weather staple.



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