Teas Kids Love

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Fun, fresh and downright delicious. Is it any surprise that kids love homemade iced tea? Plus, with no caffeine and virtually no sugar, it’s way better for them than juice or soda. From tykes to teens, here are some of our top tea choices for kids.

Goji Pop

Tea for Kids

A must-try for any herbal tea lover, this fruity blend is bursting with goji berries, apple and honeydew melon. Side effects include smiles and wide eyes.

Birthday Cake

Tea for Kids

Everyone knows that the best thing about birthday parties is the cake. With all the flavour and barely a fraction of the calories, this festive rooibos lets your kids celebrate every day! 

Pink Lemonade

Tea for Kids

What kid doesn’t adore pink lemonade? It’s sweet, citrusy and ridiculously refreshing. Plus, ours is packed with rooibos, hibiscus and other good-for-you stuff!

Lapsang Souchong

Tea for Kids

Just kidding. This super-smoky black tea is a surefire way to stop your kids from ever drinking tea again.


Which teas do your kids love? Do they have any incredible ideas for teas?



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