Taking Tea Traveling (AKA How to Steep on Vacation)

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No matter where you’re going, tea is the perfect travel buddy. It can pick you up, calm you down or just keep you going. But not all travel kits are right for every occasion…

The Weekend Getaway

It’s Friday night and you’re off to a cottage for the weekend. You want to keep the iced tea flowing, without having to keep making single cups. What do you bring? Easy. A Perfect Pitcher, your favourite iced tea pitcher packs, a bottle of agave and some leakproof mugs.

As soon as you get to the chalet, boil some water, pop a Pitcher Pack into your Perfect Pitcher and let your tea steep in the fridge overnight. When you wake up on Saturday morning, you’ll have enough iced tea to last you the day. Plus, with its leakproof design, you can carry your Perfect Pitcher around with you just about anywhere.

Taking Tea Traveling (AKA How to Steep on Vacation)

The Day Tripper

You travel lightly, and baggage space is a commodity. Don’t worry…. this lightweight travel combo has everything you need to make it from point A to point B and back again. With David’s Tea Filters, the Perfect Spoon, some agave sticks and 50 g of your favourite tea, all that’s left is to find a mug and some hot water.

Pro Tip: Want to travel even lighter? Pre-fill some of David’s Tea Filters with single portions of tea and put them in a Ziploc bag. Single serve loose-leaf tea, ready to go.

The Backpacker

The world is yours to discover and tea is your travel companion. With a Carry Travel Mug, you’re ready for any situation. Chilly night in Stockholm? The Carry’s leakproof and double-walled design will keep your hot tea hot into the wee hours of the morning. Scorcher in Mumbai? It’ll keep your iced tea perfectly chilled for hours. And with its easy-grip handle, it easily clips onto any backpack or carabiner. Next, get yourself a few Skinny Tins. They’re slim, compact and provide easy access to your favourite teas. Bon voyage!

The Mover and Shaker

Adventure is your middle name. You’re always on the move and searching out the next big thrill. And since you know that your next getaway is a heartbeat away, you need a kit that’s quick, simple and effective.

Enter the Matcha Maker. This DT-exclusive helps you make deliciously frothy and energizing matcha, iced matcha, and matcha lattes no matter where you are, all in a matter of seconds. Throw in the Matcha Spoon, a 100 g bag of Matcha Matsu, and a matcha white chocolate bar, and there’s no stopping you.

Taking Tea Traveling (AKA How to Steep on Vacation)

Planning a vacation and need some tea travel tips? Ask us in the comments and we’ll help you put together your own tea and travel kit!


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