The ultimate tea & treat camping guide

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Going on a camping adventure? Make sure to pack plenty of snacks and of course, tons of tea! From delicious autumn-inspired blends to rich, decadent treats, we’ve got everything you need to fuel all your wild excursions. What are you waiting for? Get exploring!

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Setting up camp

First thing’s first – you need to pitch your tent. And we know that can be thirsty work. So when you’re done, just fold open a chair and pour yourself a toasty cup of Earl’s Garden, a rich black tea with bergamot and juicy strawberries. And if you’re looking for a snack to go with that cuppa, our English Toffee Chocolate Covered Almonds are the perfect companion. Made with fine, imported Belgian milk chocolate, almonds and our cocoa-caramel English Toffee tea, this delicious treat is all you need to enjoy afternoon teatime at your campsite.

Hit the trail

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Ready to hike through the wilderness? You’re gonna need some sustenance, so make sure to bring along Nutty Granola Crunch – a creamy jumble of coconut, apple and sweet nut brittle that tastes just like a trail mix bar. The best part? It’s got tons of almonds – a nut known for keeping you full and satisfied. And if the tea doesn’t do the trick, you can always bring along our delicious Nutty By Nature Muffins for a little energy-boosting snack. So pack your bags and let’s hit the trail!

Watch out for wild animals!

Let’s face it – if you’re camping in the middle of the woods, you’re bound to run into some wild animals. So if you ever cross paths with a bear, just pull out a cup of berry-filled Bear Trap. With raspberries, black currants and strawberries, this fruity blend will stop that curious guy right in his tracks. And if you want to take this tea to the next level, try pairing it our Blueberry Muffin Chocolate Bar for a rich, fruity treat that’s quite simply irresistible.

Unwind on the lake

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Need a little peace and quiet? Time to grab your canoe and head for the lake. With the setting sun and the loons singing in the distance, now’s the perfect time to sip on a hot cup of Serenity Now. This calming blend of soothing lavender, delicate rosehips and luscious strawberries is five kinds of relaxing. And if ever you get a case of the munchies, it’s nothing a sweet slice of Double Banana Nut Bread can’t fix. Infused with our date-strewn Banana Nut Bread tea, this comforting loaf will have you floating straight to your happy place.

Your nighttime campfire indulgence

We all know s’mores is THE campfire treat. But we felt it was time to mix things up! Say hello to your new late-night indulgence: Carrot Cupcake. Sweet, creamy and totally addictive, this rooibos blend is packed with ginger, cinnamon, crunchy carrots, and real whipped cream flavour. And if you’re looking to go the more savoury route, you can’t go wrong a buttery batch of Matcha popcorn – especially when it’s made with our vibrant green Matcha Matsu tea. Camping has never tasted this good.

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