hot chocolate

Matcha Hot Chocolate recipe

Warm up with an uber-chocolaty pick-me-up! Combining rich cocoa and our deliciously vibrant Matcha Matsu green tea, this comforting cold-weather indulgence is your one way ticket to sweet satisfaction.

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Candy Cane Hot Chocolate

Cold outside? Run for the kettle and warm up with the ultimate winter treat. Rich, fudgy and mega creamy, our minty hot chocolate tea latte is a cup of decadent […]

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Hot Chocolate Pumpkin Bars

Craving a midnight indulgence? Reach for these sinfully decadent pumpkin blondies infused with our Hot Chocolate tea. Fudgy, sweet and totally addictive, they’ll have you sneaking back to the fridge […]

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Snow Day Creamy Hot chocolate

Come in from the cold and warm up with this über-chocolaty pick-me-up! Infused with Snow Day tea, this decadent drink tastes as good as it sounds… sweet, minty and downright […]

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