Candy Cane Crush Tea Latte

You hang ‘em on your tree and eat ‘em as a treat, but have you ever tried them in your drink? That’s right, we’re talking candy canes. These stripey holiday […]

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Pura Vida Margarita

What do we like to do on a sunny day? Kick off our shoes, slip on some shades and sip on this delightfully tropical margarita featuring our Pura Vida tea. […]

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Raspberry Moji-rita

Fresh mint, tangy lime and a sugared rim. We’ve combined two classic cocktails to make something fruity, minty and utterly refreshing.

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Matcha Hot Chocolate

Warm up with an uber-chocolaty pick-me-up! Combining rich cocoa and our deliciously vibrant Matcha Matsu green tea, this comforting cold-weather indulgence is your one way ticket to sweet satisfaction.

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Live Wire Lemon Herbal Elixir

In need of some fast-action relief? With a feel-good dose of citrus, spicy ginger, fresh mint and our Live Wire Lemon tea, this powerful tonic is the perfect way to […]

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Live Wire Lemonade

Is there anything more refreshing than a tall glass of lemonade? We don’t think so. Infused with our delightfully citrusy Live Wire Lemon tea, this is one recipe you’ll want […]

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Citrusy and Sweet Almond Green

Almonds and oranges are a classic combination, and this recipe celebrates the pair beautifully. Starring our Sweet Almond Green tea, this simple drink is reminiscent of a zesty orange marzipan […]

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