Spiced Carrot Cupcake Cocktail

Fall is all about getting warm and cozy. And this comforting autumn-inspired cocktail definitely fits the bill. With our sweet and spicy, cinnamon-laced Carrot Cupcake tea, velvety whipped cream and […]

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Sweet Apple Fritter Cocktail

Ahhhh, Honeycrisp Apple tea… it’s the perfect balance of tart and sweet. Now stir in some whisky and cinnamon sticks, and you’ve got a smooth and sophisticated cocktail that tastes […]

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Cucumber White

This invigorating Cucumber White is made with our Royal White Peony – a delicate straight white tea that’s creamy and cool, with notes of garden-picked snow peas. One sip is […]

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Maracuja Mango Sour

How do we take our summer cocktails? On the rocks and spiked with our exotic Maracuja Mango tea. Sweet, fruity and refreshingly tangy!

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Pineapple Mimosa Cocktail

Nothing says fancy like sipping on a Pineapple Mimosa. And this sweet, sparkling cocktail featuring our champagne-scented Pineapple Mimosa tea is a fresh twist on the classic. Perfect for Sunday […]

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Pom Diggety Mimosa

Looking to make your brunch extra special this weekend? This sparkling pomegranate mimosa will do just the trick. With a splash of bubbly, our refreshingly sweet Pom Diggety tea and […]

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