Stay cool with our top 10 iced teas

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Discovering your perfect iced tea is kind of like finding your ultimate summer jam – it will complete you. Or, at the very least, put a smile on your face.

And like the ultimate summer song, you don’t have to love just one. In fact, think of these iced teas as your go-to refreshment playlist. You know, that one you crave at all times of the day? Like when you’re reading in a hammock, flipping burgers on the bbq or – let’s get real – wrapped in your coziest office sweater dreaming of humidity’s warm embrace.

Which thirstquenching brews will be on loop this season? Check out our Top 10 Iced Teas below to find your perfect match(es).

10. Peach Matcha

We’re starting off our countdown with this mouthwatering flavoured matcha that’ll take your iced tea game to new heights. This all-natural blend is creamy, fruity and sweet with a punch of peach and a subtle matcha green tea flavour. Iced tea but make it matcha.

9. Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait 

The ultimate blend of tart and sweet, this caffeine-free infusion is refreshingly fruity and turns a beautiful bright red when steeped. The best part? Kids love it too, making it great for the whole family.

8. Just Beet It

Packed with a bunch of invigorating ingredients this fruit and veg maté is both refreshing and seriously good for you. Superfruits like goji and blackberries are naturally rich in antioxidants, while the beet contains betaine, a substance said to relax the mind. We double-dare you to beet that.

7. Sunny C

Coming in at number seven is our super immune booster, Sunny C. This bright, citrusy tea has undertones of sweet carrot, hydrating hibiscus and tart lemon, and is one delicious way to help you feel revitalized.

6. Green Passionfruit

More affordable than a trip to the tropics but just as energizing, this super fresh green tea tastes like a ray of sunshine. Sweet pineapple and tangy passion fruit essence makes this iced tea both juicy and refreshing, while the caffeine from the green tea gives you a little extra staying power. 

5. Magic Potion

No other tea looks quite like the one in our number five spot. This juicy blue raspberry infusion turns from indigo to purple with the squeeze of lemon. Magic? Sort of. The deep purple colour comes from butterfly pea flower, a unique Southeast Asian plant that turns everything it touches a wonderful shade of violet. What could be more magical?

4. Coco Mango Chai

This luscious, all-natural chai blend (formerly called our ME to WE India tea) brings together traditional Indian flavours – coconut, mango and spices – into a fruity, rich blend that’s as vibrant as the country that inspired it. But the real kicker is the locally sourced Indian turmeric, a golden spice hailed for its glow-boosting superpowers. Think of it as your one-way ticket to that summer glow.

3. Frozen Raspberry

Tart, sweet and practically bursting with summer freshness, raspberries have to be one of our all-time favourite fruits. But you know that makes them even better? A touch of yogurt. That’s right, this iced tea tastes like the berry best fro-yo (but without the guilt) so drink up!

2. Just Peachy

Finding the perfect peach iced tea was no easy task, but we can confidently say we nailed this one. This sweet and peachy caffeine-free infusion is the taste of summer and quite possibly one of the best iced teas of all time. Yeah, we went there.

1. Caribbean Crush

Coming in at the coveted number one spot is our punch bowl-ready Caribbean Crush. Bursting with pineapple, papaya, cranberry and hibiscus, this tropical fruit infusion is refreshing, tart and a total crowd pleaser. This is one iced tea that’s sure to be on rotation for years to come.



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