How to make a snow globe with your confetti nordic mug

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If you think about it, the snow globe is such a simple concept. It’s just a glass globe with a tiny ornament and faux snow. Yet, somehow this classic Holiday decoration has managed to capture the imaginations of adults and children across generations.

When we launched our Confetti Glass Nordic Mug, it was the first thing that came to mind. The glitter between the walls of the mug is a ringer for snow – but with a major glow up. 

Create your own DIY snow globe using your Confetti Glass Nordic Mug , a small holiday decoration and just a handful of faux snow. It’s a great way to display this wow-worthy mug when you’re not sipping Candy Cane Crush  or Caramel Shortbread .

Now you can have your tea, and snow globe too (because it wouldn’t be the holidays without a dad joke).

How to make a snow globe with your mug


  • 1 small holiday decoration
  • 1 DAVIDsTEA Confetti Glass Nordic Mug + lid
  • 1 handful of faux snow


Step 1
Place the ornament on the inside of the lid and sprinkle faux snow around it.
Step 2
Shake your Nordic mug*, turn it upside down and place it over the lid + ornament.
Step 3
Enjoy the view.

*Don’t shake the mug with the lid on, you might break it.


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