S’mores Chai Iced Latte Recipe

The best thing about sleepaway camp? Toasted marshmallows (okay, we’re already drooling). Now you can get your fix any time with our ultra delish S’mores Chai Iced Latte. Featuring our s’mores-inspired pu’erh tea, it’s rich, sweet and, best of all, you don’t need a campfire to enjoy it.

Try our limited edition S’mores Chai Iced Latte signature beverage in stores from August 28th to September 17th, 2018 or make your own in the comfort of your home using this super simple recipe.

Can you say sip-sip hooray?

S’mores Chai Iced Latte


  • 4 Perfect Spoonfuls of S’mores Chai tea
  • 1¼ cups (10 oz) water 95°C / 200°F
  • 1 tbsp Agave
  • Ice
  • Milk


Step 1
Add tea, hot water and agave to a Steeper and steep for 4-5 min.
Step 2
Fill a 16 oz cup with ice and pour steeped tea until it reaches ¾ of the cup.
Step 3
Top with cold milk (When the weather starts getting chillier, skip the ice and top with warm frothed milk.)

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