The Secret Behind Magic Potion: Butterfly Pea Flower

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If you’ve seen our latest video, then you know about our new colour-changing Magic Potion tea. It might be hard to believe, but we worked on this blend for over a year and a half. And the results are totally worth it. Our inspiration? Two words: blue raspberry. Not only did we bring back the sweet nostalgic flavour of your favourite childhood sweets (blue raspberry Jolly Ranchers, anyone?), we also upped the fun factor by adding a little colour changing magic. And it’s all thanks to one amazing flower…

The flower that turns tea blue

Butterfly Pea Flower

Meet the unique ingredient that’s been turning tea blue for centuries: butterfly pea flower. Thanks to its bright azure petals, this pretty blossom from Southeast Asia is used as a blue food colouring in Thai and Malaysian sticky rice, puddings and comforting caffeine-free nightcaps. What’s more, the change in colour is 100% natural.

Still wondering how Magic Potion goes from indigo to violet? When the pH of the tea changes, so does the colour. Think of it as an all-natural litmus strip. When you add a few drops of lemon, the acid in the juice changes the pH levels of the tea, which creates a natural chemical reaction that makes the tea turn purple. Not only does lemon juice change the tea’s colour, the acidity also brings out the blend’s sweet blue raspberry flavour. Talk about a win-win!

Watch it in action

Want more magic?

Everyone loves a good party trick. Wow your guests by freezing lemon juice into ice cubes and serving them with your next batch of Magic Potion iced tea. Just add a cube to each tea-filled glass and watch their jaws drop. And the award for Best Host of 2017 goes to…


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  1. Mike September 4, 2017 at 3:40 pm #

    This tea is very pretty.. I bought some, but it is soooo sweet!

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