Reduce, Reuse, Rebate – Tin and Mug Refills

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Want to save on your next tea purchase? It’s super easy to do! All you need is an empty tea tin and your favourite travel mug. The hardest part is deciding which tea you’ll leave with…

Tea Tin Rebate

You may have heard our tea guides talking up our storage tins. They’re sleek, sexy and perfect for storing tea. But what you may not know is that when you fill one up with 50 g or more, we’ll give you a $0.50 rebate. Want an even bigger discount? Fill your tin with 150 g or more of the same tea, and we’ll give you $2 off. As if you needed another reason to stock up on your favourites.

N.B. Our small tin comes free with the purchase of 100 g or more of the same tea. Our large tin comes free with the purchase of 250 g or more of the same tea.

Mug Life

If you like taking tea with you everywhere you go, nothing beats a travel mug. They’re convenient, durable and will keep your tea hot for hours. Plus, when you buy one, your first tea of the day is on us. Need more incentive? Ask to have your beverage made in your travel mug and we’ll give you a 10% rebate on your drink, every time.



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