New and innovative: the iced tea press

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Remember when making iced tea required you to wait? Not to mention you had to clean up before heading out the door.  But with this all-in-one travel mug in your arsenal, making the perfect iced tea when you’re out and about has never been easier. Now you can steep, ice AND sip your tea anywhere, anytime. How cool is that? Plus it makes iced tea prep quick, not to mention ridiculously fun. Just add your tea and hot water, and scoop your ice into the inner compartment. And when you’re ready to sip, press it together to instantly ice your tea. No fuss, no muss. Just pure convenience.

It’s also the perfect travel companion, especially during those hot summer months. Stay hydrated on your morning commute to work, at your next soccer practice or family picnic. Our favourite part? It fits perfectly in your bike drink holder so you can stay extra cool while riding under the sun.

Meet the man who revolutionized iced tea

So who exactly designed this beauty? We sat down with our innovation manager and the man behind the invention, Dave, to get the scoop about this one-of-a-kind travel mug.

The Iced Tea Press | Steep Thoughts

DT: How did you come up with this ingenious little gadget?

Dave: We wanted to eliminate some of the less exciting parts of making iced tea like cleanup and waiting time. The concept went through a few versions, but it really all came together in one day.  The best balance for a new product is something simple that solves issues, but doesn’t compromise on the end quality. And I think this checks all the boxes.

DT: What makes the Iced Tea Press different from other travel mugs?

Dave: I think one of the really exciting features is that it actually completely shuts off the tea infusion. That’s big! Once the press is down, you can leave it there for ages and your tea won’t oversteep.

DT: Where would the Iced Tea Press fit into your daily life?

Dave: As a non-coffee drinker, I’ve started relying on it in the morning to jump start things with an iced maté or Japanese green tea. Before, I would have never taken the time. But because it’s portable, I can stay refreshed beyond my desk and take it with me wherever I want. Steeping on the go has never been easier!



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