Meet our new traditional teas

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Today, we’re adding four new and amazing traditional teas to our limited-edition summer collection. Ready to begin the meet and steep? Grab your favourite mug and let’s go.


Mao Jian Jade

What is it?Mao Jian Jade

This pan-fired green tea is grown in the Fujian province – known for its beautiful mountains, seaside landscape and of course, exquisite teas.

What it tastes like

Generous flavour of sweet summer corn and fine notes of steamed veggies for a lively mouthfeel.

Why we love it

It’s the perfect tea to sip back and unwind with. And we’re not the only ones who think so. In China, people like to drink it as a relaxing beverage after a busy day. And who can blame them? Not only does it brew a lovely shade of light yellow-green, it smells just like summer in a cup. No wonder it’s one of China’s most popular teas.

Supreme Pekoe

What is it?Supreme Pekoe

An ethically sourced black tea from Sabaragamuwa Province in Sri Lanka.

What it tastes like

This rich, malty and bold blend has hints of sweet graham cracker notes and goes down smooth.

Why we love it

Pekoes are a breakfast classic for a reason. We know they already taste amazing on their own. But when you add a splash of milk and a sprinkle of sugar, it becomes the ultimate morning comfort. Pair it with your next batch of pancakes or eggs and toast for the breakfast of champions.

Royal White Peony

What is it?Royal White Peony

Organic white tea from a small, family-owned organic tea garden in China’s Fujian province.

What it tastes like

Cool, creamy and delicate, with fresh notes of garden-picked snow peas. It’s a cup of fresh air…

Why we love it

During the Song Dynasty, white tea was so precious, it was reserved exclusively for the Emperor of China. Today it’s enjoyed by millions around the world. Traditionally known as “Bi Mudan,” our White Peony brings that little taste of luxury straight to your cup.  And if you’re looking for an amazing straight tea to ice, this guy definitely delivers.

Sakura Cherry

What is it?Sakura Cherry

A Sencha green tea with cornflower petals and natural cherry flavouring.

What it tastes like

It’s light and crisp, with lingering fruity notes of freshly-picked cherries.

Why we love it

In Japan, picnicking under a blooming sakura tree (a.k.a. cherry blossom tree) is a centuries-old practice known as Hanami. And this cherry tea brings this timeless tradition straight to your cup. Whether you drink it hot or iced, it’s the perfect blend to enjoy in the park or at your next barbecue.


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