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We know matcha powder can be a little daunting for first timers. That’s why we created a Matcha Boosted collection packed with flavourful gateway blends for tea lovers looking for a fun and unintimidating intro to matcha green tea. Bonus: it’s also a quick and delicious way to get all the health benefits of matcha. Curious to learn more? You’re not alone. Here are some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions about our energizing new collection.

What is a Matcha Boosted tea?

A Matcha Boosted tea is a deliciously innovative loose leaf blend where we coat the tea’s ingredients with a light dusting of mega-healthy matcha green tea powder for a little boost of energy and flavour!

What are the benefits to drinking a Matcha Boosted tea?

Each tea is dusted with matcha – a fine powder made from stone-ground green tea leaves.  Known as a powerhouse antioxidant, matcha green tea is a delicious way to keep you and your metabolism going strong. Plus it’s got L-theanine, a unique amino acid that promotes a calm and focused alertness. Overflowing with flavour, our Matcha Boosted teas are an easy and tasty way to get all the health benefits of matcha.

Do you whisk it or steep it?

Our Matcha Boosted teas steep just like regular loose leaf – no whisk required.

How should I store it?

Like all of our teas, we recommend storing them in airtight tins that block out light and moisture so that your tea’s ingredients stay fresher, longer.

I don’t like the grassy flavour of matcha. Will I taste the bitterness?

No to worry! Our teas are packed with fun, mouthwatering flavours like ripe mango, rich ice cream and fresh ginger-citrus. The only hard part? Choosing which one to try first.

How do I incorporate Matcha Boosted teas into my daily routine?

There are so many ways to enjoy this deliciously energizing collection. Thanks to its super trio of matcha, guarana and maté, The Buzz is the perfect blend to supercharge your mornings. If you’re looking to get in the zone, try kick-starting your yoga routine with revitalizing Zestfully Green.

Got a case of the 3PM doldrums? We recommend getting an afternoon pick-me-up from fresh and tropical of Mango Boost. And when those dessert cravings come rolling in, brew up sweet and satisfying Matcha Ice Cream for a little stealth health.

Got a question about our new Matcha Boosted collection? Ask us below and we’ll get one of our tea experts to answer.


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