Make Matcha Like the Pros

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For some, it’s a ceremony. For others, an art. For us, making the perfect cup of matcha is a relaxing ritual and the perfect way to reset.

If you’ve ever watched a traditional matcha ceremony, you know how intricate it can be. From the meticulous movements to the precision pouring, there’s a specific series of actions that the Teishu (host) must take. However, these can take hours. So we put together this condensed version that’ll help you make a delicious cup of matcha in just a few minutes.

What you’ll need:

Matcha powder

Matcha bowl


Perfect matcha spoon

Tea cup

How to make matcha:

1) Warm it up

First, heat your whisk and matcha bowl by running them under hot water.

2) Level out

Next, add two level Perfect Matcha Spoons (1 tsp) worth of matcha to your bowl.

Pro tip: To remove lumps from you matcha, try passing the tea through a sieve first.

3) In hot water

Add 4 oz (120 ml) of 165ºF /74ºC water to the bowl, covering the matcha.

4) You must whisk it

Using a matcha whisk, briskly whisk the mixture in an “M” formation, until the matcha “dissolves” and there is a frothy layer on top.

N.B. Matcha doesn’t actually dissolve, but instead, temporarily suspends in the water.

5) Pour it on.

Pour the frothed matcha into a 16 oz. cup and top it off with 165ºF /74ºC water. Sip and enjoy.

Make Matcha on the Move

Sometimes, it’s impossible to bring your matcha utensils with you. So then what do you do when you want matcha on the go? Lucky for you, our team worked out a solution: The Matcha Maker. Exclusive to DAVIDsTEA, this easy-to-use device will change the way you look at matcha!


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