Just Beet It Lemonade Signature Beverage Recipe

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Ready to focus up and crush your goals? Turn up the beat with our thristquenching new signature beverage: Just Beet It Lemonade. Featuring our Just Beet It tea, this deliciously fresh and invigorating lemonade iced tea is packed with concentration-boosting ingredients – from South American yerba maté to sweet juicy beets and nutrient-rich superfruits like goji and blackberries. With this energizing iced tea by your side, nothing’s gonna stop you.

Try our limited edition Just Beet It signature beverage in stores from August 14th to 27th or make your own tea-infused lemonade at home with this super simple yet refreshing recipe.

Drink up, get it done.

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Just Beet It Lemonade Signature Beverage Recipe


  • 2 Perfect Spoonfuls of Just Beet It tea
  • 1¼ cups (10 oz) of 95°C / 200°F water
  • lemonade
  • ice


Step 1
Add tea and hot water to a Steeper and steep for 3-5 min.
Step 2
Fill a 16 oz cup with ice and pour steeped tea until it reaches ¾ of the cup.
Step 3
Top with lemonade and enjoy!


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