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Bright, red and bursting with flavour – it just wouldn’t be summer without biting into a perfectly ripe strawberry. And whether you have it in pies, smoothies, chocolate or sprinkled in sugar, this berry tastes amazing no matter how you have it. So why not try it in our August Tea of the Month: Strawberry Colada. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this fruit a real summer classic.


The red harvest

Did you know strawberries originated in France? That’s right –these tasty fruits made their first appearance in a beautiful French garden in Brittany in the late 18th century. Strawberries were so well-loved by the French, cultivators slowly began experiment with production and cultivation techniques. The result?  The iconic, juicy red strawberries we commonly find today at our local grocery store and farmer’s market.

But France isn’t the only strawberry producing country. Nowadays, the United States, Turkey and Spain are known as the top strawberry producing countries in the world. They’re also grown locally in the province of Quebec. Although these berries tend to be on the smaller side, don’t let their size fool you – they’re just as sweet and juicy as the big guys.

The world loves strawberries


The strawberry is one of the most popular berries on the planet. Afterall, it’s the star of all our favourite summer desserts. In Italy, strawberries are used as a popular flavouring agent for gelato. The Greeks love to eat them whole, with a little sprinkled sugar and dipped in brandy liquor called Metaxa. And if you’ve ever been to England, then you know just how big they are on strawberries and cream – a sweet treat famously enjoyed every year at the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

They’re not just for eating


We all know strawberries taste amazing. Throughout history, these ruby fruits were seen as a luxury food enjoyed only by royalty.  And according to Roman and French literature, it is said that strawberries also have some special medicinal properties. Yep, you read that right. Across the years, they were believed to help soothe digestive problems, skin irritations and even whiten teeth!

Now that’s all fine and dandy. But if you ask us, the only way to truly enjoy everything the strawberry has to offer is by trying our August Tea of the Month: Strawberry Colada. Cool, creamy and bursting with ripe, juicy strawberries, this fruity tisane is straight out of a retro cocktail menu.

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